Bailiff Secures Synch Placement on FOX’s Cooper’s Guide to Surviving Life

Can you imagine watching a hit television show on one of the most popular networks and hearing your song play? That’s what happened to ReverbNation CONNECT band Bailiff this past Sunday as they watched FOX’s Cooper’s Guide to Surviving Life. “I haven’t sat that embarrassingly close the television since the Ninja Turtles were on,” said Josh Siegel of Bailiff.

The Chicago-based indie rock band secured their first synch placement with the help of Hitcher Music. We recently partnered with Hitcher Music, a boutique music services firm specializing in licensing, supervision, marketing, and original music production, to gain access to licensing opportunities for our artists. When Bailiff’s addicting blend of jagged electro-pop, blues, and folk was presented to the music supervisor of the show, their song “Golden Hour” was selected.

“I was thrilled to hear that CONNECT got our song ‘Golden Hour’ placed in the soundtrack for Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life on FOX. Right now is a great time for new bands and new TV shows pairing up to be seen and heard. Bailiff has been hoping to get our music included in a high profile show and this song placement is huge for us,” said Josh.

Listen to “Golden Hour” and get to know Bailiff in the video below.

JustinBailiff Secures Synch Placement on FOX’s Cooper’s Guide to Surviving Life

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