Artist Session: My Gold Mask

Electro-pop trio My Gold Mask have recently been featured in NYLON Magazine and Bullet Media and took some time to tell us about their SXSW experience, their new album, and more.

My Gold Mask has been around since 2009, tell us a little about the evolution of your sound?

When we first started we were a two-piece and were really just experimenting with new styles and sounds. Playing around with instruments and structures that were outside of our wheelhouse as musicians, so to speak. It began with wanting to try new things, but we still used all organic instruments and were very minimal live. As time went on we became more and more interested in incorporating electronic elements and really creating a fuller sound, even adding a third member with James Andrew. But the focus has always been on conveying emotion through the songs.

Your latest offering, ‘Anxious Utopia’ was released in March. Bullett Media said, “it’s the band’s best sonic recipe yet,” what was the overarching theme to this album?

My Gold Mask is all about contradiction in a lot of ways and ‘Anxious Utopia’ is really a good example of that. While the themes in the lyrics are us exploring our inner anxieties, it is in a lot of ways a brighter, poppier album than our last record (Leave Me Midnight). Everything has a contrast. Crunchy guitars were balanced out by dreamy synths and dance beats.

You guys were an official artist at SXSW this year! Was this your first time? What was your experience like?

We are SXSW veterans at this point. We have had lots of experiences, both good and bad in the past. But this was definitely one of our favorites. Getting to play a showcase with artists we really admire for their sound is the best for us. We are all music fans and when you connect with other artists and the audience on a deeper level it makes everything worthwhile.

Touring is equally as exciting as it is exhausting, what do your days look like? Favorite venue you’ve played at so far or looking forward to playing?

When we are on tour it’s a lot of driving, loading gear, setting up…followed by playing a show and finally getting to hang with some great people while we try to sell some merch to get us to the next city. It’s a lot of work but a lot of play at the same time. But we love every aspect of it. If you don’t appreciate the work side of what you are doing, you’ll never last a week on the road.

What’s next for My Gold Mask?

We have a new video for ‘Connect’ coming out soon. Then we head to the East Coast for some more dates!

What’s currently on your playlist? Any artists or producers we should know about?
We’ve been loving: Mr. Kitty, FEE LION, Pastel Ghost, Negative Gemini and Ari Mason….just to name a few.


Listen to My Gold Mask’s curated Collection here.

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