Artist Session: Allie & Ivy

Australian power-pop act, Allie & Ivy, unleashed her latest single "Get Hi," a synth-heavy and bright little number mixed with dark undertones on Project U. She recently emailed with us to tell us about the single, what the Australian music scene is like, and more.

Hi there, thanks again for making a mini mix for us! Tell us a little bit about yourself—who is Allie & Ivy?
Thanks for having me! Allie & Ivy is the name I go by in the music world. My real name is Aleisha Conlay – Allie for short – and Ivy is my alter ego. She came about a few years ago when a producer asked me to sing in a more menacing tone because my voice has quite a bit of a sweet sound to it, so I created Ivy to help me get into character and she’s stuck with me ever since.

Your latest single “Get Hi” premiered on Project U (which we LOVE). We read that the track was inspired by a friend’s recent struggles. Can you tell us a little more?
Stoked you like it! I wrote Get Hi last year when I was living in a sharehouse with four other people. One of the guys there had an addiction to partying and also to cocaine. He was a likeable guy but he was struggling with a few things as a result of his habit; he was in heaps of debt and he and his girlfriend, who also lived with us, were fighting all the time. Throughout the week he would be so depressed and vow that he was going to change his ways, but as soon as the weekend arrived it was as though all was forgotten and he was back out there getting on it again. The lyrics in the verses reflect the state of mind he was in on weekdays, and the chorus is when the weekend hits and he gives in to temptation.

Project  U compared you to a blend of Griswolds, Gwen Stefani, and Icona Pop—that’s a pretty massive compliment! Where do you draw your influence from?
I’m so thrilled by that comparison because all three of them have influenced my music at some stage. I have so many influencers it would be difficult to name them all – a good song is a good song, no matter what genre it falls under. But I’d have to say a large part of my musical upbringing revolved around 60s rock and pop music like The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, The Ronettes, The Supremes…I could go on and on. My father was a guitarist, a record collector and a giant fan of 60s music so I was constantly surrounded by it and fell in love with it myself. Blondie and Fleetwood Mac were more favourites of Dad’s that would soon become mine. Then in my early teens I got into punk rock bands like Blink 182, MxPx, Jebediah and Unwritten Law. These days I love indie pop artists like Santigold, The Griswolds, Holychild and Grouplove. I think all of these artists have influenced me in some way.

Australia has a booming music scene. In the past few years we’ve seen acts like Cut Copy, Empire of The Sun, Flight Facilities, Chet Faker, and Flume impact the music scene. How would you say the American and Australian music scenes compare in terms of who influences who?
Australian artists seem to be doing so well at the moment, it’s really exciting! I’m not too sure what the music scene in the US is like in terms of who’s influencing who, but in Australia we’re pretty lucky to have a government-funded national radio station, Triple J, which places a lot of emphasis on supporting local and indie musicians. Heaps of Aussie artists have hit the big time through exposure on Triple J and most of the time those artists play all the festivals here. Having such a popular alternative station and a strong festival scene means we are easily exposed to and influenced by music that is more eclectic and different from the mainstream. I think that kind of culture definitely influences a lot of Australian artists.

What’s next for Allie & Ivy?
I have more songs scheduled for release this year in the lead up to my debut EP. I’m dying to come over to the US to play some shows so hopefully that’s not too far off!

In honor of Prince, what is your all time favorite Prince jam? 
Little Red Corvette. ‘Nuff said!
Listen to Allie & Ivy’s mix here.

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  • Aline - May 11, 2016 reply

    Love your music, Allie & Ivy!!! Cowboys and Indians is my absolute favorite. When is the video coming out for Get Hi? Also, come over to Miami already!

    Casey - May 19, 2016 reply

    We’re glad you love Allie & Ivy! Stay tuned for upcoming videos and shows.

  • leigh - June 24, 2018 reply

    Cowboys and Indians got me through a really bad time in my life. it saved me. Allie & Ivy rocks!!

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