5 Mistakes Bands Make With Facebook Ads: Tips from No Door Agency’s Don Bartlett

Don Bartlett, owner of No Door Agency, shares the most common mistakes bands make when running Facebook ads and how to fix them. Read on to learn about how to make the most of your Facebook ads and how to use them to grow and engage with your fan base.

Our company was born of a passion for music. Which means in addition to our work for artists and labels as clients, we also follow a lot of them on Facebook simply as fans. And as we see bands’ promotional efforts come through our news feeds, we tend to see lots of the same mistakes. Here are a few of the most common:

Lack of Context
If your aim is to reach beyond your existing fans to create new ones, a ticket link is about the worst thing you can use for your campaign. The likelihood of someone seeing an ad from a band they’re not familiar with and proceeding to buy a $15 ticket is close to zero. To reach new ears you need to communicate WHY they might be interested, then provide an easy path to become a fan. Once they’re a fan, THEN you can sell them a ticket.

Targeting Too Narrowly
Facebook is an auction system, so if you have a very narrowly defined target group it is going to cost more to reach them. Opening your targeting up will bring costs down and expand your reach.

Poorly Formatted Images
Take the time to learn the sizes that Facebook prefers for each type of post and ad. It looks totally amateur to have images cropped awkwardly because you used the wrong size. For a link post, this means 1200 x 627px.

Putting It On Blast
With the advanced posting options that Facebook offers, there’s no reason you need to show fans content that has nothing to do with them. A fan in New Jersey doesn’t care about your show in San Diego. Use geo-targets to limit the audience for posts, or better yet take advantage of “Dark Posts” to push specific content out to each market.

Slow Your Roll
We see bands doing this all the time….the show is in three weeks so they set up a three week campaign. The problem is that by about day four everyone has seen your ad so many times that they are ready to block your page forever. Build in some breathing space. Try on for three days, off for four days. The idea is to respectfully remind people about your show, not beat them into submission.


Don Bartlett is the owner of No Door Agency, a boutique management and marketing agency based in Austin, TX. Don’t miss his monthly Facebook Marketing For Musicians class on June 22 and 23. Reserve your spot here.

Justin5 Mistakes Bands Make With Facebook Ads: Tips from No Door Agency’s Don Bartlett

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  • Charles - June 28, 2021 reply

    67% of social advertisers regard Facebook as their most efficient social media channel. It’s like Google Ads at this point—and it’s important element of any good marketing plan.

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