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Performing over 300 shows a year, Chicago-based DJ Avi Sic has shared the stage with the likes of Calvin Harris, Icona Pop, and works with top brands including AllSaints and Nike. With residencies in Chicago, NYC, and Miami, Avi Sic is a driving force in today’s club scene. Read on to learn about her go-to gear, how she approaches music production, and more.

Hey Avi Sic, thanks for chatting with us! Introduce yourself. You were a radio DJ at KISS FM, mentored by DJWS (Lady Gaga’s Grammy-nominated producer), and have shared the stage with the likes of Calvin Harris, Diplo, and more. (Such a rad background!). How did you get started in music?
As a kid i was obsessed with space and music – my parents wouldn’t send me to space camp so i concentrated on the music . I took up instruments at an early age and by high school I was Djing and playing college parties. I wasn’t certain as to what i wanted to do as an adult – DJing professionally kinda fell into my lap. I took sound engineering classes in college and messed around with the basics of the the early 2000’s. Pro tools, fruityloops, garageband… After a few years I was supporting myself solely off gigs and basically continue to network my way up and up.

How has technology/tech innovation influenced the way you produce music?
I used to buy beer for my friends if they lugged records into the club for me. Now I can fit everything I need in a backpack or on a keychain. With production it’s similar – every year the industry standard changes. Everything is being created with the intent of making things easier, faster, smaller. A new midi controller is introduced, new software, new updates to old hardware, better VSTS… I basically find what works best for my personal workflow and adapt. I’m old school so I only change my approach when necessary.

What’s your most frequently used piece of gear?
My apple keyboard. Shout out.

Name one piece of equipment you can’t live without.
I’m into the push 2. It’s far more advanced than the first version. The play live feature is part of my process. Essentially it’s like playing in a band. See what works and what doesn’t before laying the foundation down. Although a lot of times I’ll do something by accident and just build on that.  

What do you take on the road with you?
Macbook pro. Sometimes an Akai mpk mini.

How do you approach music production when you start working with a new client? (You’ve worked with Nike, X-Box, and AllSaints just to name a few)
Corporate clients are very particular. I suppose I take direction well. I put my spin on their big idea and we work together to find the right sound, format, or vibe.

Who/what influences your style?
My mood of the probably has the most influence. But as far as a particular musician – definitely Madonna. Her approach into the industry was very ‘no fu*ks given’. She pushed the limits for women in the music industry. Much respect to her.


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