Why You’ll Get the Feels for The Pheels

You know that feeling you get when you’re listening to a song and it instantly takes you back to certain time in your life? Our guest blogger Olivia, the powerhouse behind Wolvereen and who is spending the summer discovering new music with us, can’t get enough of The Pheels for that reason. Read on to find out why you should be listening to this Atlanta-based duo.

Some of my fonder memories of high school are of my sophomore summer, driving around in my friend’s Jeep and listening to Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” on constant repeat. We were invincible, and we were drunk on the warm air and the carefree feeling of summer. When I clicked on The Pheels’ “French Toast” I was immediately back in that Jeep. However, I can’t limit their sound to the comparison of one artist. These guys create a well-crafted mix of Atlanta pop and R&B; they have that homemade, original feel with a big label sound. If you’re a fan of dreamy, R&B-meets-urban tracks with smooth, heartfelt lyrics, you’ll definitely catch the feels for The Pheels.

Some more reasons why you’ll love them:

1. They break molds
The Atlanta native duo deviated from the norm when they went for dazy, soul music rather than the trap music that we so often hear coming out of their hometown.

2. They’re relatable
They are self-labeled bedroom geeks (aren’t we all), and they do their best work in just that place. You can live vicariously through their ability to make amazing music without having to leave the comfort of their room.

Exhibit A of bedroom geeks

3. They recently released a new EP
You’ll have a boatload of songs to play on repeat until their next release.

4. They sing about breakfast!
This is self explanatory. (who doesn’t love breakfast, especially after a night of clubbing)

5. They are up to big things
They’ve been mentioned and played by big names like Beats 1 and The Guardian. Also catch them live at Summerfest July 6 at 6:45 at the Emerging Artist Series!

Listen to The Pheels:

JustinWhy You’ll Get the Feels for The Pheels


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    They sing about breakfast. That’s the best thing you mentioned here and I don’t like it only if I like it.

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    Great article. Thanks.

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    They recently released a new EP. great to hear this.

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    We enjoyed a lot with your insightful information.

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