ReverbNation Discover App Updates

Our latest updates to the Discover app make it even easier and quicker for you to experience great, emerging artists on the go. Read on to learn about the new features.

Search Tool
Easily find and listen to your favorite artists with user-friendly search capabilities.

Persistent Player
The music never stops with the new player that lets you listen to music, while browsing for new emerging artists at the same time.

Higher Quality Streaming
Enjoy a higher quality listening experience with an increased bitrate.

Personalized Music Recommendations
Discover what artists are trending in the New Finds feature based on your genre preferences.

Sign-in with your fan or artist account to sync your saved songs and playlists from the website.


Download the Discover app today: iTunes  or Google Play.

JustinReverbNation Discover App Updates


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  • Showbox - October 4, 2017 reply

    I really want to try the ReverbNation app but as I install it from iTunes it will never complete the download. I dont understand what is the error because I have a pretty good internet connection.

    Rebecca - October 5, 2017 reply

    Thanks for reaching out! Sorry you’re having issues. Please send us an email at support[at]reverbnation[dot]com and our Support Team will be happy to assist you!

  • Ashwin - April 18, 2019 reply


  • Cinema HD Apk - February 23, 2020 reply

    I have a pretty good internet connection.

  • Deepak Kumar - February 29, 2020 reply

    Great article

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