Artist You Should Know: Henry Hall

If Henry Hall isn’t on your radar, he will be after you read this interview. We’ve been obsessing over his captivating vocal style for quite some time, and this week he dropped his much-anticipated “Introduction EP.” Read on to get to know Henry, learn about what it was like to collaborate with Ellis on his new EP, and more.

Henry, what up? Stoked to chat with you! Let’s start with a little introduction to Henry Hall.
Hey! Not much! Stoked to chat with you too! I had a turkey sandwich for lunch!

Your music has been featured in a few of Casey Neistat’s short films, which have garnered millions on millions of views. How did you get involved with the filmmaker and social media guru?
A good friend of mine and co-director of my new music video for my song “Frenemy (Just Be Nice)”, Jack Coyne, has been working for Casey for years and showed him some of my music way back. I went to Casey’s studio and we hit it off– we high-fived and everything. Pretty soon thereafter, I wrote the song “Talk” for his video “A Love Story 8 Years in the Making” and from then on, we’ve just been collaborating as much as possible! Casey is the best.

You have a very distinct, captivating vocal style. Describe your sound.
Thank you!!! Those are big words. I like to sing high and make weird noises at our shows. I want to have lots of energy and be deliberate with what I’m singing and I hope that’s what comes across to people. I think that the way my voice sounds is just sort of what feels natural to me– not really trying to emulate anyone in particular. I do love the way Patsy Cline and Dinah Washington and Lonnie Donegan sing, though.

We love your new music video for “Frenemy (Just Be Nice),” what was your inspiration behind the song?
Well, my good friend and co-director, Sidney Schleiff, came up with the concept for the video in a brainstorming session we were having with Jack Coyne. It just felt right to pair a sort of swinging, dreamy electro-pop song with a cartoonish robbery video. We wanted to juxtapose the song against something that was really different than the vibe of the song itself, so throwing on some velour suits and robbing a bodega seemed more than appropriate.

You recently dropped your new EP.  Give us a little preview of what we can expect as listeners.
Yeah! This EP is a collaboration between me and my friend Ellis who is a very talented producer and songwriter. It was incredible to work with him. These tunes are definitely different than any of the music I’ve put out in the past. If I could describe what to expect in 3 words, I would say you should expect 5 songs that are equal parts nostalgic, melodic, and electronic. Hey, those rhyme! It’s almost as if I thought that through.

What kind of personal or professional evolution have you noticed in yourself as an artist?
Because I’m a consummate professional, I’ll start with professional. “Introduction EP” is the first project I’ve collaborated with another artist on and I really loved doing that. It was a great change in pace from writing songs on my guitar in my room like an emo kid from 2008. Ellis is a master of that electronic sound that you hear in the instrumentation of these tunes so being exposed to that was really eye-opening for me. Can’t wait until we get to work together again. And on a personal level, I’ve become much better at spike ball and skim boarding over the past few months.  

Dream collaborations, GO.
Frank Ocean, Kevin Parker (Tame Impala guy), Connan Mockasin, Angel Olsen, Miguel, and Mitski. I would pass out if I got to hang and make music with any of those guys.

Anything we missed or you want to share?
I just wanna thank everyone who was involved in the making of the music video for “Frenemy (Just Be Nice)” and the making of “Introduction EP.” This has been a such a great experience and I’m lucky that I got to work with so many amazingly talented people. Also, follow me on Snapchat, username: thechunky.

Thanks Henry, you’ll be seeing us Saturday, July 9th at Mercury Lounge!
Yes!!!!!! That’s gonna be an awesome show. Saturdays are the best. They’re in between Friday and Sunday. Couldn’t be better.

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    Such great artists should be introduced to as many people as possible. I wish him all the best for coming projects.

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    Really interesting vocal. Thank you for sharing Henry’s talant with us!

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    Really interesting vocal. Thank you for sharing

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