Artist Session: The Eiffels

The Eiffels recently finished recording their sophomore EP and they shared their first single, “You Got Me,” on Free Bike Valet. We chatted with singer Sean Ulbs about the band's signature '80s synth pop sound, what it’s like to land a synch placement, and more.

Hey, guy’s what’s good?! Tell us a little bit about The Eifflels. How did you guys meet?
Sean: Hey RN! We started The Eiffels early 2015. Lee and I met while out in Silver Lake and started playing music together soon after. Jade and I had mutual friends and he joined the band just before we left for tour.

You recently landed a synch placement on UK reality show The Only Way Is Essex through CONNECT Songs. What was it like to hear your song “City All Night” on the show?
Sean: It was a thrill. It’s exciting to see our music get that kind of recognition. We really appreciate the support from CONNECT Songs, and The Only Way Is Essex.

Describe what the LA music scene is like right now.
Sean: A lot of energy.  There’s so many amazing artists, and creatives in one place. It’s an incredible place for inspiration.

You mix a lot of different genres into your music – who or what influences your sound?
Sean: We listen to it all and don’t rule anything out when writing. We love the simplicity of punk and new wave, the fun danceability of pop and hip-hop, and the swagger of rock ‘n’ roll. All of this has an influence.

I Heart Moosiq recently said, “A new trio from Los Angeles is here to hook you in with some massively infectious and warm 80’s reminiscent synth rock and pop music,” and we couldn’t agree more — you guys are insanely contagious! What is your writing process like? Do you usually try to go for a hook and build from there?
Sean: We love fun, anthemic music, and it inspires our writing. We like to get a good amount of the music done on a song before working on the lyrics, or hook. After writing some initial lyrics, a theme usually starts to develop, and we put the rest together from there.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?
Sean: It feels like a natural progression from our first EP. It has many of the familiar elements of our first EP, but there’s a bigger feeling to the songs. The lyrics and music both have more depth and variety.

We always love to know what bands are listening to, who have you been obsessing over lately?
Sean: We recently saw Eliot Sumner perform live. She had the whole room in a hypnotic trance. We enjoyed it so much we went to her show again the next day.

Watch their new video for “You Got Me and listen to their mini mix here.

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