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After gaining attention from the likes of Billboard and PopMatters with their anthemic single “Something New,” pop duo Secret Weapons just released their debut EP ‘SW.’ With an infectious sound and feel-good vibe, you’ll have Secret Weapons on repeat in no time.

Hey guys, thanks for taking time out your busy schedule to chat with us! Let’s start with a little introduction. Who is Secret Weapons?
Secret Weapons is Gerry Lange and Danny Rocco from Brooklyn, New York.

We’re kind of obsessed with your recently released debut EP ‘SW’ — tell us about the making. What is it that you want your listeners to get from it.
The EP was a crazy experience. We spent two months recording in a warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  We were totally isolated from the rest  of the city, out on a pier jutting  into the harbor. We recorded a ton of music, and had a hard time pairing it all down to a single EP. I think in the few days before we turned it in we were still adding new songs that were only a few days old.

Shortly after the release of your anthemic single, “Something New,” we watched you guys rapidly gain momentum. Your  infectious pop-hooks and feel-good sound have drawn in the likes of Billboard, PopMatters, The Deli Magazine, and more. Where do you draw your inspirations from when writing your songs?
We draw inspiration from everyone and everywhere. We’re constantly thinking about  how songs connect live more than anything. We want to make music that people react to, otherwise there’s no point.

We read on Billboard that one of you worked as a lawyer by day while pursuing music at night. What was 9-5 corporate life compared to your new life on the road?
It’s definitely a change. Yesterday we woke up on Long Island, drove to D.C. for a show and then drove straight back. 10 hours in the car, 20 minutes on stage, worked on production and lyrics the whole way down and up. It’s great not having that 9-5 in the way.

You’re currently on a U.S. tour making stops at Lollapalooza, Bumbershoot, and playing alongside Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer! That’s pretty impressive considering you guys are a relatively new act. What’s the tour been like thus far?
Amazing. We’ve only toured with Panic! Previously, and they are incredible. We grew up listening to those records, and it’s an enormous privilege to open for them.  The tour we’re on the next two weeks is a club tour, which is great because it allows us to look at every single person’s face in the crowd and connect in a way we otherwise couldn’t at the bigger shows.

We’ve heard your live shows are full of energy and you’ve been known to do wild after-parties — actually we experienced it last year at Rough Trade — tell us a little about the vibe you go for when performing live. Do you tailor your sets according to your audience?
We don’t really go for any particular vibe. We just do us, which is two guys who want to scream their heads off and fly through the roof if they could. We also love dJing, so the after parties are just as for us as they are for our fans. We don’t tailor anything for anybody.

What’s currently on your playlist?
Kanye – ultralight beams

What’s next for Secret Weapons?
World domination.

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