Road to Sturgis: Meet Midnight Mob, Low Volts, and The Grizzled Mighty

What’s it like to hit the road and perform at Sturgis Buffalo Chip? We’re going behind the scenes with Midnight Mob, Low Volts, and The Grizzled Mighty on their journey to Sturgis, SD for the performance of a lifetime. Road to Sturgis promises to take you on each band's journey as the make their way to Sturgis Buffalo Chip to perform at the biggest motorcycle rally in the U.S.. Read on to meet the bands and follow their Road to Sturgis.

Hey everyone! We’re so excited to follow your journey to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip! What was it like to find out that you were selected for this opportunity out of thousands of bands?

Midnight Mob: We are so excited! It’s kind of unbelievable and frankly a little terrifying. We’ve been together 7 years and for the most of us this was our first band. Some of us never played our instruments before, so it’s kind of unfathomable that we get to be apart of this after the kind of humble beginnings we’ve had. I can’t imagine being in front of that many people opening for One, the only Metallica Tribute Band and Three Doors Down on a Saturday night. Then have the opportunity again to play then next night after Kid Rock’s set. We’re pretty speechless about all of this. We’re that stereotypical story that began by kicking out the jams in the back of a garage & believing in it all these years. 

Low Volts: It felt really great to be selected to play Sturgis, still does! I’m a motorcycle fiend!

The Grizzled Mighty: Pretty cool. Things are going to get weird in South Dakota.


How are you getting to Sturgis?

Midnight Mob: We’re taking our trusty black 15 passenger van, named Glenn Vanzig! He’s sleek, mysterious and runs on doom power. We live in an amazing country. Driving lets you take it all in.

Low Volts: I’m going to ride my Harley most of the way from Nashville depending on how well she holds up. It’s over 1200 miles and all kinds of terrain. The Hi-Watts will be in a chaser car with attached trailer for the musical gear, tools and space to load the bike in. It’s two, ten hour days on the road so it should be quite the journey!

The Grizzled Mighty: We are doing a couple day show run starting in Denver.


What do you bring on the road with you?

Midnight Mob: Me personally, I bring a lot of packaged health foods, all my weird stuff that helps me sing (gadgets & gizmos), HAIRSPRAY, TEASING COMB, and good waterproof sandals to shower with. We’re all pretty similar. Lots of underwear & t-shirts to defeat the hot stank.

Low Volts: All of my musical gear and clothing for the many different weather patterns that occur around The Black Hills. Last time I was there many moons ago, the weather was pretty schitzo! More on that in the questions below!

The Grizzled Mighty: Dry shampoo and a black tourmaline


Are you currently touring?

Midnight Mob: We are doing a few small tours this summer. We played the Rock’n Derby Festival on the main stage with Shinedown, Coheed & Cambria, Megadeth, Ghost, Sevendust, and Collective Soul. Then we played the Great South Bay Festival supporting Manchester Orchestra and Third Eye Blind. And we just got back from playing on the Harley Davidson Stage at Summerfest in WI & we have a bunch of other shows booked down in SC, PA. We’re trying to balance touring with writing and recording. Touring distracts us a bunch from writing because we can’t stop talking to everyone.

Low Volts: Currently I’m based in Nashville working on the third Low Volts full length album and playing shows here and there in town.

The Grizzled Mighty: We got tours planned in the states and in Europe.


Describe what your shows are like. Why should people check out your set?

Midnight Mob: It’s really a throw back to the old days of rock n roll, punk, and soul. We don’t use any fancy computer stuff. We plug in and then kind of explode all over the place. We are very high energy raw stripped down experience. We leave a pint of blood on the stage…and have a few laughs in there too. Seriously I am now called blood foot after Summerfest. If you go in front of the Harley Davidson stage my blood might still be there. I have also received black eyes courtesy of my bass player’s bass.

Low Volts: Well, if you eat, sleep and breathe motorcycle culture like I have my whole life, you will take in something for all of your senses. We can really cut loose on the bigger stages so a lot of spontaneity and wild behavior can really get unleashed. I really feed off the energy of the crowd so come one, come y’all!! I’ve been described as ‘early Elvis meets Evel Kneivel’, I just need the cape! And having the gorgeous Hi-Watts up there shaking and shimmying to the heavy beats is a spectacle in itself.

The Grizzled Mighty: A tire fire at a monster truck rally. They would like that.


Buffalo Chip is the biggest motorcycle rally in the U.S. — do you ride a motorcycle?

Midnight Mob: I have only had the luxury of riding on the back of one (which I love). My Aunt is actually trying to get me to take the course with her next time I go out east on Long Island.

Low Volts: My Dad has been building choppers since before I was born. When I was sixteen he brought me out to Sturgis. At one point, he stayed behind at camp and let me ride his newly custom built shovelhead to Mt. Rushmore from the town of Sturgis. By myself, with no license, helmet or insurance. I rode through the Black Hills and toured Mt. Rushmore solo then headed down towards the bike to ride back to camp. As I was walking down, it started to rain, then it started to hail, MARBLE SIZED HAIL. I ran as fast as could to his bike and laid on top of it for thirty minutes getting pelted by hail to protect his fresh paint job haha. To say this upcoming journey to Sturgis will be nostalgic is a huge understatement!

The Grizzled Mighty: Ryan- Use to ride, until I fell and hit my head Faustine- Yep! 1974 CB 450


Who are you stoked on seeing at Buffalo Chip?

Midnight Mob: I’m actually really excited to see Weird Al. As a little kid, he was my first introduction to a lot of music and his humor really shaped me.

Low Volts: Reverend Horton Heat RULES so that will be a highlight. I would love to see Willie Nelson and Lynyrd Skynyrd but they play a few days before I can get out there. I’ve played with Leon Russell before and it would be cool to talk to him again!


Where are you headed after the festival?

Midnight Mob: We will be playing the Hijynx on 8/10 in Fort Atkinsen, WI then a bunch of open mic’s at the moment since my voice is a little rough right now. Then we’ll be playing HollyStock Festival in Mt. Holly, NJ on August 13, the Liberty Music Festival in Philly, PA on August 20, New Music Confab Festival & Conference in Charleston, SC on August 26 and then we’ll be playing September 3 in Columbus, OH at the Fashion Meets Music Festival on the iHeartRadio Stage with Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, DJ Khaled, Borns, and New Politics.

Low Volts: From Sturgis, the Hi-Watts and I hightail it down to Durango, Colorado to play two days on the Durango Blues Train August 12th & 13th . It’s a century old locomotive that chugs through the San Juan National Forest while 6 bands all play on different rail cars at the same time. People are free to drink and and dance into whatever car they want and watch the amazing scenery choo-choo on by! It’s gonna be a really great follow up to Sturgis.

The Grizzled Mighty: Ryan- Back to Brooklyn Faustine- Sunny Seattle


What do you blast in the car?

Midnight Mob: We blast a lot of our friend’s bands in the local scene like Mother, Craving Strange, Revel9, J & the 9’s, Tempest City, the BlackFires, Rebel Millenial, the Deafening, Killcode and so many others. Our other fav’s are Turbonegro, Paris Hilton, Ashley Simpson, Danzig, The Dictators & the Matadors.

Low Volts: Led Zeppelin is always a must, Sturgill Simpson, Waylon Jennings, the new Rival Sons album is cool, I’ve been really into a lot of records that Dave Cobb has produced lately. I’ll mostly be listening to the wind and my thoughts while on the motorcycle though. It’s the ultimate, modern day meditation for me.

The Grizzled Mighty: Mostly Seal


Give us a random fact about yourself.

Midnight Mob: I’m double jointed in all my fingertips and I can make weird fart/cricket noises with my hands. I also do Meatloaf & Tina Turner impressions pretty good or at least I’m told.

Low Volts: I once charmed a cobra in Marrakech, Morrocco.

The Grizzled Mighty: Faustine- My knickname is Snackstine. Don’t ask Ryan- Not a fan of peanut butter


What are your travel kit essentials?

Midnight Mob: For singing and performances, a steamer, tea, honey, lozenges, Lots of t-shirts and clean socks. Also an open mind and positive attitude. Adventure time!

Low Volts: My old no-name horse hide leather jacket and 1949 Silvertone parlor guitar for jamming and writing in the tour machine

The Grizzled Mighty: Ryan- beef jerky Faustine- essential oils, sage


Learn more about Road to Sturgis here.

MikeRoad to Sturgis: Meet Midnight Mob, Low Volts, and The Grizzled Mighty

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