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With a newly released debut EP, a major synch placement under his belt, and a slew of celebrity fans, Geron Hoy’s new solo project SELVES should be on everyone’s radar. Read on to meet the Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter and get the deets on his exciting project.

As a solo artist, you’ve been pretty well established since 2011 and caught the attention of celebrity fans such as David Copperfield and Howard Stern. How is SELVES different from Geron Hoy?
The idea behind SELVES is that we all have different sides to our personalities. My solo stuff is a bit contemplative and reflective but I also have this other side of myself that is energetic and explorative. Perhaps my solo material is like having a cup of coffee in the morning with the sunrise and SELVES is when you hop in the car and roll the windows down heading into the night.

We can’t get enough of your debut EP ‘Aura.’ Tell us about the album.
Thank you so much! I teamed up with producer extraordinaire Dave Thomas Junior and recorded in his studio in upstate NY in the winter of last year. It was such an amazing experience and just being away from the city surrounded by the forest made it so much easier to focus on the music. I think we both felt that Dave’s British, Indie sensibility would be a very interesting combination with my sort of Americana vibe.The artwork on the album cover is by a really well-known artist named Nate Anspaugh and the idea is that the front is sort of being unzipped to show the chaos of his painting underneath.

Your song “Carry You” was recently featured on The Night Shift on NBC (super rad!). How did this synch come about and what was it like hearing your song on the show?
It was incredibly surreal! I’ve never heard my stuff on television before so it was a major milestone for me. I am super proud of that song and I’m so happy that they picked it.

What advice would you give to artists who interested in getting synch placements?
I think it’s so important to have a great team around you, and a team comes in many forms. Most importantly would be to have people that support you and have your back. It’s such a tough business and the road can be long and lonely. Just stay on course, keep working hard, and get your music out to as many people as you can. If it’s good, it will get found.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment and biggest obstacle when it comes to your professional life?
That’s hard to say! I feel extremely grateful to have had a few accomplishments and I’ve definitely faced countless obstacles in music.The biggest accomplishment might have to be convincing two amazing friends to take a chance on me and help me record my first two solo albums. It’s so important to have the best versions of your songs out in the world. They are your calling cards and having a great album that I was proud of gave me the confidence to keep getting it out in the there. Everything kind of came from that. The biggest obstacle would be…. getting it out in the world!

What are you currently listening to?
Anything and everything! Definitely loving Tame Impala at the moment as far as new stuff. I recently got my record collection from storage so I’ve been going back in time a bit and rediscovering a lot of the old stuff as well.. Songwriters like John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, & Tom Waits among others will always hold a special place.. Just to name a few!

What’s next for Selves?
Keep an eye out for the second EP, Caligo, coming out at the end of the summer!

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MikeArtist You Should Know: SELVES

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