Your New Obsession: New Myths

Our guest blogger Olivia, the powerhouse behind Wolvereen and who is spending the summer discovering new music with us, can’t stop obsessing over New Myths. Read on to get the 411 on these badass babes.

Of my 18 years on this earth, 10 of them have been spent playing music in an all girl band. I know from experience that there can be some difficulty making it in this generally male dominated business; a lot of comments fall into the category of “insert compliment here”, for a girl band. However, I am here today to tell you all that this badass Brooklyn based trio, New Myths, isn’t just good for a girl band, they simply are good. These girls had been in close quarters since high school, however it wasn’t until college that they realized they worked well together. Since then, they have been playing shows around the area and gifting us with their amazing blend of rock and new wave pop. They have a great style and amazing energy, and will without a doubt continue to light up the New York area and wherever else they may go. Keep rocking ladies.

MikeYour New Obsession: New Myths

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