Artist Session: Hail Sagan

Powerhouse vocalist, Sagan Amery, shares the deets on LA-based metal act Hail Sagan’s new video for “Dark Cloud,” what it’s like to join EMP Label Group, why some members of the band wear masks, and more.

Hey Hail Sagan, let’s start off with a little introduction. Where did you come up with your moniker?
Sagan is the first name of our vocalist Sagan Amery. So it’s a play on her name and pop culture. And of course, we follow the Supreme Order of Saganism, along with all of the Saganists out there.

Congratulations on your recent signing with David Ellefson’s (Megadeth) EMP Label Group! How did that come about?
Thank you! We are very excited to be working with David Ellefson, Thom Hazaert and the entire EMP family. They liked our music and what we are doing as a band, which led to us getting a deal.

We read you’re currently in the studio working on your debut EP. Tell us about it.
We actually finished it up and it’s ready to go. It is self-titled and will be released in October through eOne Distribution, since they are working with EMP. There are five songs which include a cover, but that’s a surprise! We have many musical influences so we just had to add this one song to the list.

We enjoyed watching your powerful video for “Dark Cloud,” which touches on some sensitive issues on bullying and abuse. Can you tell us the story behind the video?
Sure, Nick Quijano, one of our guitarists, wrote a few riffs for what would become Dark Cloud. Sagan had an encounter with a bully-type personality and wrote the lyrics after dealing with this person. She had some experience with bullying in the past, so it’s a sensitive subject for her. We have all dealt with bullying at some point in our lives, I think the video speaks for a lot of people.

When it was time to come up with a video concept, Sagan wanted to stick with the bullying and anti-violence theme so she and Nick produced the video alongside of director Matthew Crum and DP Kenny Keeler.

What’s the story behind the masks?
Known as “The Nothing,”  the idea is to never know who will be under there. While we know that Nick is in the band, along with Andrew Weissberg, Jeff Nations, and a few others, we’re not naming everyone because we have some power players who come in as special guests. Sometimes they will be playing live as a treat to the fans, and sometimes it will even be the fans under there! If you can play an instrument well, we’re happy to have you come out and play when we’re in your town. There will be all kinds of opportunities to wear the masks.

Walk us through your live shows – what are they like?
To start, we have an explosive light show, with all of the trimmings. Expect fog geysers that shoot 25 feet into the air, and some other exciting visuals – of course where venues permit it. The band will be in their “The Nothing” gear, while Sagan will dazzle you in a her handpicked stage attire. It’s a thirty minute set filled with spine-tingling rock music and wonderment.

We heard that you donate a portion of your touring, merch, and music sale proceeds  to the Love is Louder foundation. It’s amazing that you use your music to give back. How did you get started with this foundation?
We are compassionate and ambitious, and really wanted to start a Dark Cloud foundation, but found it was a big undertaking and we’re too busy with the band to start up something THAT ambitious at the moment. So instead, we picked a foundation that just felt right. Love is Louder consists of all types of people who spread love and support to anyone who is suffering from all types of wrongs, including bullying. We all agreed that it was a good foundation and decided to start donating.

We can’t help but notice you’ve got some rad tattoos. What’s the most random artwork you have?
Well, thank you. I love tattoos!! I’m the most tattooed member of the band!! I think the most random is my Jack O’ Lantern on my right forearm; it represents my love for Halloween but it doesn’t have much of a theme compared to my other tattoos, so it’s definitely random.

What’s next for Hail Sagan?
We’re headed out on tour! We kick off a short West Coast run on August 31st in Spokane at the Pin! And then we will be on stage with Alien Ant Farm, Trapt, Crazytown, Tantric, and LAW, on September 3rd at the Make America Rock Again festival in Fresno. After that, we’ll start making our way across the midwest and then it’s off to the East Coast in the fall, just in time for our EP release.

We just started getting going, there is so much more! Stay tuned, and Hail Sagan!

MikeArtist Session: Hail Sagan

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