Artist You Should Know: TESHA

Tel Aviv-born songstress TESHA has been grabbing the attention from the likes of NYLON and Bullet Media with her blissful, dream-like style. We chatted with her about her recent move to Los Angeles, new single “Summer Comes and Summer Goes," creative process, and more.

What’s the backstory behind the name TESHA?
“It means world peace program in hebrew”… is also a book, it is also carved on my father’s grave….

Tell us about your new single “Summer Comes and Summer Goes.”
It a song about life and death, and life …’s sounds happy although it actually bares a lot of sadness  in it….although it is really, a happy song.

You recently told NYLON, “This is my weird utopian and psychedelic dreamt up love story…I like to call it dream vomit, regurgitations of my vivid dreams and lucid nightly visions.” Expand on this.
Well I have a lot of weird dreams ….the album is expanding on that ….so read it and listen to it 😀

Is there an overarching theme in your Dreams Volume 1 album and what do you want your audience to walk away with after listening to it?
I don’t have any expectations of what the audience should walk away with, that is personal to the audience…..I’m trying to tell a story, it is like an audio comic book, as unreal as it sounds, and that is volume #1. This album is a journey of a stupid girl who wants to know the meaning of happiness, and she desperately and most foolishly never gives up. We are all ignorant  little girls deep in our hearts I guess that is a good thing, we usually let our inner child die, we think that it’s the “right” thing to do. The next “sagas” that are coming next would be “Growing Pains vol. 2” and “Utopian Upbringing vol. 3”

We read you’re from Tel Aviv grew up in Brooklyn and are now a recent Los Angeles transplant. How has living in some of the most creatively inspiring cities influences you?
I didn’t grew up in Brooklyn….I grew up in TEL AVIV. I’ve been in Brooklyn for 6 months! I don’t feel like they influence my sounds at all, maybe LA…LA makes me wanna listen to as much vintage synthesizers as I can…..I usually get inspired by metaphorical objects rather than physical ones….dreams…prophecies…feelings….it’s all in my head after all.

You’ve played at major showcases including CMJ and SXSW, what were those experiences like?
Amazing, hectic! I don’t feel like those showcases actually promote upcoming acts anymore…only the ones that are about to blow up and need one last push…that makes more sense on the other hand.

What can your audience expect from you live sets?
They change all the time, or maybe morph would be  a more fitting word….in the future light , dark, color and sound will all blend together ….I wanna work on an algorithm that reacts to sound, know any investors?:D

Dream collaboration GO.
Nigel Godrich, Clams Casino, Caribou, Airhead…it’s really endless.

If you had the opportunity to perform anywhere in the world tomorrow night where would you play?
JAPAN on a mountain!!!

You not only sing and write but you also produce all your tracks. Describe your creative process.
There really  isn’t one it is all very chaotic …..and then something forms into an idea, genesis style…. When I worked on Dreams vol.1 it was a collaboration with the amazing Noam Helfer… a great producer from Israel….he really helped put that chaos into sound since i’m always bursting with too many ideas…..

Anything else you’d like to add?
LA shows: 
8/20 – Loft Party in NOBO Savant
8/23- Pour Vous

MikeArtist You Should Know: TESHA

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