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With a luscious new single with Christofi that’s already hit over 200k listens on Hype Machine and ethereal vocals that we can’t get enough of, we chatted with electro-pop artist AYER about his musical upbringing, current projects, and more.

Hey AYER! Thanks for chatting us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? We can’t help but fall in love with your ethereal vocals. Did you have a professional musical upbringing?
Thank you very much, and yea, I did have a very musical upbringing. Lots of voice lessons, voice-over recording gigs, and throughout my school years and into college, training in classical, choral, music theatre and studio recording. What allowed me to learn the most, though, was dissecting and trying to understand pop songs. For the longest time I couldn’t make sense of how a pop song got from point A to point B, let alone to a bridge or ending – and harmonies, forget about it. The voice has always just kind of been there, but at this point in my life I am so proud of just you know, training myself in how to write pop music, and not losing patience with my curiosity.

Tell us about teaming up with L.A. producer Christofi for your luscious summer nu-disco anthem “Temptation.”
Christofi walked into my apartment for our first session with ideas, music, equipment and energy. I was like, damn, he knows what’s up! It was also an ideal situation in that the energy flowed and before we knew it, 10 hours had passed by without a break and we had an incredible song on our hands.

We noticed you recently moved to L.A. from New York. Both key cities to be in for emerging artists. What made you make the move — besides the obvious weather factor. Do you find one to be more inspiring than the other?
Well, I haven’t really moved to LA. What I’m doing is establishing myself on both coasts, because I find them both inspiring. It’s funny, when I talk about being bicoastal when I’m out, people will ALWAYS ask me “which is better?” like, it’s scripted or something, but they are completely incomparable — not better or worse, just different. I find New York inspiring mainly because of my friends here, and the pace of life. In LA, I have incredible family and find myself much less stimulated and more zenned out, more rested. The quiet in LA allows me to sift through my crazy life in NY.

What are you currently working on?
I’m releasing a single titled My Hands sometime in September and unbelievable remixes. The past year for me has been all about writing; I had to seclude myself to the point that a lot of people and friends have asked me if I’m still working on AYER at all.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next five years?
I’ll be touring the world with my band with a Grammy award in my carry-on bag.

What advice would you give to someone to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing music industry?
You can’t be relevant without good music, so my advice would be to focus on writing killer songs. And patience. Patience, patience, patience and when you think you can’t wait a second longer…

Dream collaborations. GO.
Tame Impala, M83, Justice, Justin Vernon, Psychemagik, Skrillex, Max Martin, Empire of the Sun, Diane Warren, James Blake

Any upcoming shows we should be aware of?
No shows scheduled but AYER the band will be touring in 2017.

Listen to AYER:

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