Artist Session: Thaddeus Anna Greene

We’re no stranger to Cleveland powerhouse Thaddeus Anna Greene. After being a part of ReverbNation CONNECT’s The Watch List and premiering their single “Heart Out” on The FADER earlier this year, the band has been busy in the studio working on new material and playing as many festivals as possible. Read on to catch up with the band to learn about their new track “In Vein,” upcoming album, and more.

Welcome to our series! Before we get into it, can you guys introduce yourselves? 
Thanks for having us. We in this thang. We’re Thaddeus Anna Greene; TJ on lead guitar and lead vocals, Anthony on drums and vocals, Ryan on guitar and vocals, and Matt on bass.

You recently unleashed your soul-drenched groove “In Vein” on The 405. Tell us about the inspiration behind the track. 
LOL @ “soul-drenched”. Drenched is such a visual adjective. I like it! First off, thanks to The 405 for liking us enough to premier our music. “In Vein” is a triple entendres of sorts. (TJ) I actually knew a girl who was a junkie, ya know? She was addicted to heroin. Without getting too descriptive, I would see her change when she was high, ya know; but she was so damn pretty! I had never seen drug addiction with a face like that. So the song is kinda from the point-of-views of God and/or higher consciousness and the drugs themselves. Both of those things sort of disgrace this girl and promise her love like no other… Like a tug-of-war, and I’m just sort of watching… in awe.

Describe your relationship with ReverbNation CONNECT and the role the program has played in the development of Thaddeus Anna Greene.
We’re just sort of taking it slow with ReverbNation CONNECT. We just don’t want to seem desperate. I’m just playing… ReverbNation CONNECT is kinda what’s making a lot of stuff happen for us. We make art; but the CONNECT team recognized that and wanted to put some wheels on it. It feels a little more connected than I would imagine most situations like ours are because they really wanted to work with us off the strength of our art and not off of some hollow internet buzz. Ironically enough, that’s the hardest egg for us to crack ahora mismo.

You guys have performed at SXSW, CMJ, and Summerfest, what has been your most memorable moment so far?
Festivals are crazy, first off. A lot going on for just a few days of music and art, ya know? The most memorable moments have got to be the journeys to these places. I mean, don’t get it twisted, the shows are fun and that SXSW crowd was indeed invested in the music with us which made it so easy to play well. However, THE DRIVE there!!?? It was surreal, we were making sandwiches, bumping Rae Sremmurd, staying up all night, debating over social issues, and just winging it forreal. That’s something that isn’t as fleeting as playing a bomb show, or getting a dope festival slot… Which is still v tight, but fleeting nonetheless. Not saying we don’t want more, because as aforementioned, the before and after the gig is the most cherished and memorable moments.

You’re due to release your new album ‘Bleed’ on September 30th. Is there an over-arching theme and what do you want your audience to walk away with?
That’s a hard question. We’re sort of obsessed with creating musical moments, hiding “Easter eggs”, and making very nuanced music. All that on a sonic level. On a lyrical level, (TJ) I make it a point to use simple language and themes, because that’s relatable. The music as a whole is the focus. EVERYTHING is an instrument, that plays a specific role. We still haven’t answered the question lol. We want the audience to take a journey with the music, because that’s what BLEED is. It’s a journey though spirituality, sexuality, love, drugs, insomnia, and warmth. Ya know?

How is being from Cleveland — home of rock ‘n’ roll – influenced your sound and who were some of your biggest inspirations growing up?
It’s funny, because Rock-N-Roll isn’t as important to Cleveland as it may seem. For a lot of people, Cleveland is just home…Nothing more, nothing less. I think that’s what influenced our sound. We know that Cleveland isn’t the ideal place for creativity to flourish, which, oddly enough is why it’s so abundant there. People of that city weren’t given ANYTHING (for the most part); no fancy schools, no cool skate spots, no real scene, just remnants of a more prosperous time. That makes everyone in the city have a “get it out the mud” mentality which basically means we’re a city of people who’s culture is to make something out of nothing. Mark my words… Bet 5 that once the creativity in this city is recognized VICE/NOISEY is going to roll through with the cameras, just watch. I give it 3yrs.

What was the first piece of equipment you owned? Do you still have it?
TJ: a Squier “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Strat Pack… And he did. Also, that guitar was dismantled and thrown away over time
RYAN: a Jackson electric guitar, that was well shredded on and then passed down to the next generation
MATT: an Ibanez Soundgear bass that was learned on then passed on
FOTI: a Roger’s drum kit that he still cherishes and keeps.

In what direction do you see Thaddeus Anna Greene going? 
Upward. Next question LMAO, I’m jk, I’m jk. We plan to just keep growing and making music that we love & can stand behind without adhering to some weird genre standard. We’re all extremely musically diverse, and we bring that to the table when we create. We’re never going to stop making music and we see ourselves at the Grammys, low key (no disrespect). That’s not our motivation, but when you stay true to your art, and remain creative and fresh, that’s where you end up.

Tell us one random fact about you or the band.
D’Angelo is tops.

What are you currently working on?
Constantly writing, we’re getting ready to put some new merch out, and plan power moves. Expect more work is all that can really be said without making empty promises. BLEED is coming Sep. 30th and we really bled on that thang, so dig it, and roll with us.


Listen to Thaddeus Anna Greene:

KrissyArtist Session: Thaddeus Anna Greene

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