Artist You Should Know: Gundelach

Norwegian producer and artist Gundelach has been making heads turn since the release of his soul-drenched electronic single “Spiders” late last year, and has been featured by the likes of Pigeons and Planes, NYLON, and The 405. We caught up with him to get the lowdown on the Oslo club scene, the success of “Spiders,” his creative process, and more.

Hey Gundelach, thanks for being part of our series. Before we start, can you tell us about yourself?
Hey! My name is Kai, and I am an artist/producer from Norway.

We read you immersed yourself in Oslo’s club scene at the age of 16. What drew you into that specific scene? What was the Oslo club scene like back then and how has it evolved?
Yeah, that’s true. The music is what drew me into the scene! The club culture in Oslo is great, it was back then and still is. Now all the best clubs in Oslo have great soundsystems which is cool, the bookings are also better than ever.

What was your first record?
Jay Z – The Blueprint was the first record I bought.

Tell us about your transition from DJ to songwriter.
It wasn’t a transition at all actually. I think the two are separate things. I have played the guitar and been singing way longer then I have been djing.

Walk us through the recording process of your self-titled debut EP.  
It was a long process because a lot of the songs dates back to 2012 and even longer. Basically me and my bandmate Pål Ulvik Rokseth rented a small studio outside of Oslo in 2012, made some demos over a couple of years, and then I went to New York last summer to hook up with Joel Ford. We re-recorded most of the demos, added stuff, removed stuff etc. S/O to Joel!!

How did it feel when Pharrell Williams played your track “Spiders” on Beats 1?
Good! I felt great. I was a big fan of the show and had no idea that they were playing my track until my manager called me and said “Check out OTHERtone in 15 minutes, Pharrell is going to play Spiders.” It was kinda surreal.

You’ve already hit up a few festivals including Ja Ja Ja and Oya Festival and received praise by the likes of Pigeons and Planes, The 405, and Interview Magazine. Besides talent and hard work, what other factors do you think have been essential in your career to get where you are now?
Consistency. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I also think it is important to have distinct goals.

Describe your most memorable performance.
Øya was definitely memorable. It was pouring down and we played in this huge tent. It was packed. So rad.

We read on Interview Magazine that when you’re creating “It’s better to have no internet connection and make something yourself. Read a book or watch a movie – that’s better when you’re making music.” What’s the importance of disconnecting and what’s your creative process like?
My creative process varies a lot. I have a short attention span, and an even shorter  creative span. So what works for me is to just sit down and try to make something everyday. I start with all the creative stuff, melodies etc. And then I sit for hours arranging and fine adjusting sounds.

Finally, what’s in the works for Gundelach?
I am doing a mini tour in Germany in a couple of weeks! And then we are playing a headline gig at “Rockefeller” in Oslo, which is the coolest venue in town. I am also working on a lot of new music. Which hopefully comes out soon 🙂

Thanks for chatting with us! Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you!

Listen to Gundelach:

Photo by: Simon Skreddernes

KrissyArtist You Should Know: Gundelach

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