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Described as “Easy Listening for Uneasy People,” San Diego-based band Well Well Well just released their debut EP ‘What Do We Have Here?” Read on to meet the duo, get the deets on their debut show on September 29th, and more.

What’s up guys? Before we get into it — can you tell us a little about Well Well Well?
WWW is myself on guitar/vox and Dan Nichols on bass/synth/drums. Dan has this crazy unique ability to play drums one handed and play the bass keyboard and synthesizer with the other hand simultaneously. The music came quite naturally once our band Barbarian went on hiatus.

Describe your sound in 10 words or less.
Easy Listening for Uneasy People

Congrats on releasing your debut EP ‘What Do We Have Here?’ Give us a breakdown of the EP.
7 Songs, 3 dialogue interludes with Jim & Gary. 25 Minutes. Catchy songs where you’re least likely to catch them. What Do We Have Here? transcends genre and attempts to speak to emotions inside all of us.

Tell us the inspiration behind the video for “Cops & Robbers.”
I went on a trip recently to San Francisco and stumbled upon a museum by Pier 39 that has hundreds of antique penny arcade games. Very odd and very creative machines that showcase a wide range of 20th century penny arcade entertainment: public execution, a gigantic laughing woman, a group of bison sniffing out a dead body or an entire bustling circus.

Cops & Robbers is a short, straight to the point song that has a super fun synth hook layered on top of depressing lyrics with a chorus to insight living it up while you’re young. At an arcade you have no problems finding people with little cares or worries, especially cares and worries about the rest of the lives.

Your very first show was at Lighting in a Bottle (so rad!) – what was it like to play for the first time at a major festival?
It was awesome. Way bigger and organized than I had initially anticipated. Thought coming in on Thursday, the second day of the festival, at mid-day wouldn’t be a problem. One entrance, thousands of cars attempting entry: not easy. Made it to our set on time and had a blast. I thought our style music may not be the first choice for the majority of the demographic at LIB but once we got there and started feeling out the vibe, especially at The Grand Artique, I was quickly proven wrong. Ian Xavier & The Grand Artique took a chance by booking us (only hearing house demos) but it turned out amazing and look forward to hopefully playing again next year.

What is your songwriting process like and what role do each of you have in the writing of a song?
Our songwriting process is quick and efficient, with little second guessing. We know what’s catchy and how to create interesting harmonies that will stick with people. We write a lot of songs while we rehearse our set.

Describe the current music scene in San Diego.
It’s constantly on the up and up. Tons of new bands and artists coming out with cool stuff every week. Great community of musicians who really help you get to where your heart desires (Jon Greene/Ben Moore). We are lucky to call San Diego home.

When did you know music was something you wanted to pursue?
I think it’s once you get your first instrument. You find that it’s an expression of yourself you can’t quite communicate any other way. I got my first guitar when I was 15.

You’re about to perform your debut show at Soda Bar on September 29th — what can we expect from your live performance?
The lineup is amazing. A great post-punk new-wave band from Denmark The Foreign Resort, electronic post-punk PRGRM from San Diego and dream pop twins Nite. Well done Cory Stier. You can expect a show from Well Well Well that is extremely hard to believe is only two people. We are planning on one cover and about 10 originals, some from the EP and some from our upcoming full length album.

In what direction would you like to see the band go?
As every band does in the beginning. We want to hit the road and are eager to share our music with the masses.

Thanks for chatting with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Stay tuned for the ‘Look Who Decided to Show Up’ Tour and our next full length album near the end of the year.

Listen to Well Well Well:

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