Artist Session: Yacht Punk

Long Beach-based post-punk alternative band, Yacht Punk just debuted their first single "Radar" on IMPOSE. Read on to get to know the band, find out what they’re working on, and more.

Hi Yacht Punk! Let’s start off with — who are the forces behind the band?
Graham Bockmiller – Vocals/guitar, Michael Pozzi – Lead guitar/vocals, Tricky – Drums

Where did you guys come up with the name?
A group of our friends were at party or something and for some reason almost everyone in our group was wearing denim jackets. So someone in the group was like “You guys look like you’re all in a gang or a punk band or something”, to which one of our friends sarcastically said “Yeah right, more like a YACHT punk band”. Kinda made me go hmmm, Yacht Punk, that would be a good band name. So basically we stole it. And no one will get the credit that they deserve. But I also think it’s kind of a good analogy for the music. It’s got some grit but it’s definitely not punk, and it’s got some polished hooks but its not nice enough to belong on a yacht either. Maybe we should’ve called it Shit Yacht instead.

Describe Yacht Punk’s aesthetic.
Post Post-Punk. Or Post-Punk Revival Revival. Or Pre-Skynet Indie. Or Pre-Apocalypse Alternative.  

Congrats on your debut single “Radar” that just premiered on IMPOSE — we’re hooked and are already looking forward to your next single. What is the story behind the track?
So we built a small studio at our house in Beachwood Canyon and I was just starting to learn how to record and personally use studio equipment. I plugged a guitar in and that riff was the very first thing I played. I was kinda thinkin “Hey this sounds pretty cool”, but I didn’t think a whole lot of it because it’s so simple. But I wanted our approach to the new music to be more simplified. If it sounds good, go with it. So in the chorus, the lead riff is actually a keyboard, which is something I wouldn’t have normally done but it sounded good so we went with it. As the song developed I showed it to a few friends and everyone seemed to get it stuck in their head, so I figured we were on to something. From there we worked on it with Matt Wignall (Cold War Kids) at his studio in Long Beach. He taught us the art of adding weird, interesting things to the songs. The bridge of this song has the sound of crumpling and ripped sheets of paper, strange percussion, and even some spoken word out of a children’s book. We then mixed it back in LA with Will Brierre (The Killers) and now it lay at the foot of your bed ready to consumed.

What are your backgrounds in music? We know Graham Bockmiller comes from indie rock group Great White Buffalo but what about Michael Pozzi and Tricky?
Well Michael is from Boston and it would appear that he’s been playing guitar since he was an infant. He moved to LA a few years ago and has played with a lot of different projects and done studio sessions for a lot of others. But he can play goddamn everything which makes it awesome have him with us. If we’re working on a song and I’m like “What if you played a part sorta like (insert any song from any era)?”, he’ll be like “Got it” and will usually nail what what the song needs first or second try. He can play almost as good as he can chop onions. Kid’s always choppin onions. That’s why we call him Whiskers. Tricky’s background can’t definitively be pinpointed because he was raised by a pack of emotionally distant wolves. He emerged in LA to play with a number of local bands before joining up with us. Sometimes he reverts back to his roots. Not musically but physically. I’ve actually seen him become a werewolf. Yellow eyes, howling at the moon, the whole bit. He’s also my roommate, so I tend to lock my door.

Where does Yacht Punk draw its inspiration from?
Vampire bars, desert mushroom benders, Stephen King’s movie Maximum Overdrive, a black dumpster cat named Mazzy Star, and of course Lil Yachty, the most incredible artist in the last 20-30 years.  

What is the band currently working on and what can we expect in the year to come?
We’ve just finished mixing 4 other songs that we’ll be releasing individually over the next 2-3 months. We’re also already half finished writing and recording the next EP to follow this batch of songs. Expect Kate Moss, expect songs about existential freakouts, expect Persian nightmare pools. Patrick Swayze said it best in his Academy Award winning performance in Roadhouse; “EXPECT the unexpected. Pain don’t hurt”.

Watch their lyric video for “Radar” on Earbuddy!


Listen to Yacht Punk:

KrissyArtist Session: Yacht Punk

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