Artist Session: Holiday Oscar

A year after releasing his debut single, "Carousel," which racked up 200,000 streams on Spotify, Holiday Oscar is back with a delightful new tune. We chatted with him about his new single "Teething Powder,” influences, and more.

Hi Holiday Oscar! Before we get into it, tell us who is Holiday Oscar?
Holiday Oscar is a young man from East London.

Describe your style.
I’ve always felt very comfortable writing folk music and the older I get, the closer I feel I am to putting what’s going on around me on paper.

You elegantly craft raw and honest storytelling over warm arrangements — a Dylan-esque vibe. Who are some of your main influences?
My parents are probably the biggest influence. I grew up listening to Ian Dury, Bob Dylan and The Jam. I read that during the recording of Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited, a lot of the session musician’s were still learning the parts or just jamming along to what Bob had already put down. So we took that approach a lot in the studio. Gives it such a nice live feel.

You’re due to release you EP Spilt Milk & Teething Powder – tell us the inspiration behind the album and what we can look forward to.
I realised I had 8 or so songs that just fit together. I’ve been writing for so long now and I already have another album written. Spilt Milk & Teething Powder is 6 songs – me, my guitar and a string quartet. Some piano and double-bass along the way. I recorded the whole thing in East London over the course of about 5 days with my friends, producers Richard Melkonian and Rick David.

All Things Go just premiered your lead single, “Teething Powder,” a beautifully composed tale about stagnant life in middle-class suburbia. Where did the inspiration come for this song?
They’re all the kind of people you hear about in the pub, or someone in a story that your girlfriend used to know. They’re all real people actually, I just changed a few names.

We read that that Spilt Milk & Teething Powder “is an EP for a digital age that is perfect for vinyl.” Do you collect vinyl and what are some of your favorite records in your collection?
I try! I have some great bits and bobs. I just got an original Nilsson Schmilsson. I actually have Pete Doherty’s copy of Strawberry Fields Forever.

Describe the current music scene in your city.
I don’t even know! Is there a music scene in East London? There’s probably a pizza-bagel shop that always has the latest tech-house vinyl, but I don’t about a music scene.

What’s in the future for Holiday Oscar? What would you like to accomplish in the next year?
I’m going to put an album out next year, no doubt. It’s written and ready for the studio – I’m going to a play a bunch of shows before the year is out and start recording in December.

Listen to his mini mix here.

KrissyArtist Session: Holiday Oscar

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