Artist You Should Know: Del Caesar

We caught up with Brooklyn trio Del Caesar to get the lowdown on their new single “Like They Always Say,” upcoming EP, 60’s garage/psych rock sound, and more.

Hey guys! Introduce yourselves – who are the forces behind Del Caesar?
We’re three dudes living around Brooklyn that love old school garage rock and the new psychedelia stuff coming out.  I’m [Aaron Lloyd Barr] on vocals/guitar, the rock solid Eric Arikian is on bass, and the animal Ben Reynolds is on drums.  

Describe your sound in ten words or less.
Del Shannon covering Ty Segall’s song “Caesar”

How did you guys all meet?
I’ve known Ben for years, since our DC days a decade ago, and we’ve always made time to play and write. Stars aligned a little over a year ago to create Del Caesar officially, so we found Eric through our mutual friend/amazing musician/songwriter from The Planes, Stephen Perry.

Consequence of Sound just premiered your new single “Like They Always Say.”  What’s the story behind the track?
The whole song started from the bass line. We were working with a different song actually. It wasn’t really working so we were taking a break and just messing around with song ideas. Eric, our bassist, basically said something along the lines of “You call that a garage rock riff? Fu*k that, THIS is a garage rock riff… ba dum-dum dum”. From there, we just came up with the entire song on the spot. We just played it, I sang the melody and most of the lyrics improv style. The whole thing was done in 30 minutes!

Congrats on being selected to perform the Brooklyn Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon via an exclusive ReverbNation opportunity! How did you guys find out about the opportunity?
Thanks! Should be a super fun one. We found about it from the good folks at CONNECT (part of the ReverbNation family). We’re all excited to play with the Here We Go Magic guys. I’m a runner as well, so it’s definitely combining two passions.

What are you currently working on?
Our new EP drops on Nov 11th so everyone give it a few million streams 🙂 We’re always working on new things, we have another EP that we’ll record soon as well. Trying to constantly evolve and grow.

Describe your live shows.
Much louder and looser than the records. Some distorted guitars, slap back vocals, and maracas duct-taped to drum sticks.

What are your favorite venues to play in Brooklyn?
Had a great time at Silent Barn and Alphaville. Gateway is really cool and unique as well. Oh, and Pet Rescue, which is a rad loft / party space run by our friend Brian LaRue.

Listen to Del Caesar:

KrissyArtist You Should Know: Del Caesar

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