Discover NYC Preview: Meet Jesse Ruben, Jaye Bartell & Henry Hall

October's edition of Discover NYC will take place on October 11th at Rockwood Music Hall featuring singer-songwriter Jesse Ruben, Sinderlyn artist Jaye Bartell, and alternative artist Henry Hall. Read on to meet the artists.


Jesse Ruben
Hometown: Maple Glen, PA
Based: Brooklyn, NY
Influences: Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Ben Folds, Elliott Smith
Inspiration Behind “This is Why I Need You”: I got really sick with Lyme Disease back in 2012, and had to take more than two years off from playing music before I finally got better. “This Is Why I Need You” was the first song I wrote when I got healthy. It’s a song that acknowledged all of the people in my life who helped me get through that period. It is a song that means so much to me, and it’s been really great to see people have such a strong positive reaction to it.
Touring in Europe: There’s this great company that finds artists from the US and UK and brings them over to Germany to tour for a month. I’d never been, so it was a great way to see the whole country while also playing 25 shows in a month. It was really exhausting, but really fun. I may or may not have gotten too drunk and lost my passport my first night there (but then I totally got it back the next day!). I would love to do another tour in Europe.
Fun Fact: I’m never sure what qualifies as a “fun” fact. I have a twin sister. I’m really good at ultimate frisbee. And my feet are two different sizes, which makes buying shoes a nightmare.


Name: Jaye Bartell1421697440_jaye_bartell-25
Hometown: Born in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts — South Shore, in between Boston and Plymouth, pilgrim’s graveyard; moved to Asheville, NC, in 2001, and lived there until 2013, with significant spells in Buffalo, NY, and Friday Harbor, WA.
Based: Brooklyn, Indiana
Influences: Nico, Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy, Hope Sandoval, Cat Power, Lou Reed, Jessica Pratt, Angel Olsen, Damian Weber
Signing to Sinderlyn / Captured Tracks: It’s a pleasure to work with Sinderlyn because the logo comes from a spooky, illusory face on Mars.
Touring with Kevin Morby: This summer, the summer of 2016, I toured in support of Kevin Morby and his band. The tour started in southern California and followed a heart-murmur-patterned course north, then south, then up a little, then over, and finally down, where my stint ended at the Earl in Atlanta, a bar that still permits smoking. The tour gave rise to a few situations of lasting value: I got to know Kevin, Meg Duffy, Cyrus Gengras, and Justin Sullivan, who are each and all great and kind people, friends, and musicians, and got to listen to their ringing set every night; I got a driver’s license; I expanded my fanbase by one (1), in Santa Ana; I got to play every night, and got to play a few places where I hadn’t been before, most notably Grand Rapids, MI, and Salt Lake City, UT.
Whats next?: This afternoon, I’m going to watch parts 7 and 8 of the Decalogue by Krzysztof Kieślowski at IFC; I’m really happy the theater’s been screening the whole series. Less immediately, I’ll be playing around NYC as always, going on tour as soon as I get that phone call … let me see if it came yet … no, not yet. I’m planning the next record, so: refining demos; looking at Ursula Gullow’s paintings; dreaming of six-part choral accompaniments, groovy drums, Shane Parish’s spectral guitar work, and being good; listening to the Tennessee Border show on WKCR.
Fun Fact: I don’t know what my blood type is!


1438874243_henry_hall_press_photo_2Name: Henry Hall
Hometown: Los Angeles, Home of the Philly Cheesesteak.
Based: New York City, Home of the Philly Cheesesteak.
The Start: I’ve always been making up weird little songs since I could speak basically. The first song I ever wrote was called “Broken Boy.” The lyrics were something like “broken boy, you’re so broken, broken boy, you’re just broken to me…” DM me if you want to hear the melody.
Influences: Connie Francis, Patsy Cline, Paul Simon, Marvin Gaye, Frank Ocean, Death Grips, Blossom Dearie.
Residency at Bowery Electric: Had so much fun at our Bowery Electric residency. It’s a really great venue and the sound is always very compact and clear. Wish we had had a few more real estate Q&A’s/panels after our sets, but that’ll happen next time.
“More Tiny” Music Video: This was an awesome and weird experience spending the whole day purposefully walking through the most crowded parts of Times Square while awkwardly being filmed in Snapchat and MSQRD. Jack Coyne directed this video and made everything run smoothly, though. He is the king of the iPhone handheld shot.
In Progress: Have a new EP coming very soon and some West Coast shows and Northeast college shows to support it. Stay tuned, freaks!
Fun Fact: I can do the worm.

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KrissyDiscover NYC Preview: Meet Jesse Ruben, Jaye Bartell & Henry Hall

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