Do’s and Dont’s for Writing a Band Bio

First impressions are everything and your band bio gives people a first glimpse of what you’re all about. Our CONNECT Manager, Sharyn, who has written countless bios gave us some quick tips for how to make yours stand out.

  • DON’T overestimate the reader’s attention span. Keep it short and sweet – think one to two paragraphs max.
  • DON’T let writing intimidate you, reach out to your writer friends for advice
  • DO hook the reader in with the very first sentence
  • DON’T use cliche phrases like “hails from” or “we sound like (insert band name) and (insert another totally different band) had a baby. Be original.
  • DO create a strong, unique tag line for your band that press can latch onto like “disco pop princess” or “post-millennial Billie Holiday”
  • DO find a compelling story line about your life and music that sets you apart and build the bio around this

And finally, to close out the bio….
  • DON’T include 15 press quotes from unknown sources (i.e. your friend’s tumblr)
  • DO include at least one strong press quote from a reputable press source
Check out some examples of solid bios:


Sharyn started at the Windish Agency in Chicago at the front desk.  Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.56.25 PMAfter a year, she became the president’s personal assistant then his booking assistant, eventually working her way up to a full-blown agent with her own roster. In her six years at the agency, she has worked on tours for dozens of artist including The xx, alt-J, Hot Chip, Gotye, The Knife, and M83. Prior to Windish, Sharyn worked as an assistant talent buyer for two small venues in Chicago and did PR for a few artists. She now works in artist development for ReverbNation CONNECT and manages artists.

MikeDo’s and Dont’s for Writing a Band Bio

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