Artist Session: Julian Maverick

Australian producer and singer Julian Maverick has been making waves with his infectious tropical pop sound that has praised by the likes of Hype Machine, Indie Shuffle, Acid Stag, and more. We caught up with him to get the deets on his latest single “Move Your Magic,” production history, and more.

Hey Julian Maverick! Thanks for being part of our series. Can you give us an introduction to Julian Maverick?
It was a solo project I started to combine my own songwriting and production. A project where I didn’t have to be limited to a genre and where I could explore all different styles.

Is Julian Maverick your real name?
My mother named me Julian, but just before I was born my parents moved it to my middle name so I kept it as my artist name, then Maverick came about because I was searching for artist name availabilities online and Julian was already taken obviously so I added Maverick because I like what the word represents. 

What was the inspiration behind your new single “Move Your Magic?”
I guess it’s about the type of person who has either a trained or natural ability to attract the things they think they’re worth. It is a song about the value of continuing one’s passion.

How did you get into music production?
I had a little fostex 4 track when I was a young grommet and my neighbour across the road gave me a Roland 808 drum machine. During my holidays I hung at my uncle’s studio at Avalon Beach in Sydney where I learned some basic little outboard gear knowledge and Logic Pro, back when the software was owned by emagic.

Did you have a musical upbringing and if so how did it all start?
Kurt Cobain,  I started playing the guitar at 10-11 because I wanted to learn Nirvana songs. Then I started writing my own tunes and played in some grunge bands.

Were you a singer before a producer and is there one that you lean more towards?
Neither, I’d say the songwriting came before both, I picked up the guitar at about 11 and I enjoyed writing my own songs. I have never been confident with my voice so I tried to find singers to sing my songs but I could never find a vocalist to fit my production.  I guess that’s how Julian Maverick came about years later.

Name one piece of equipment you can’t live without.
An Acoustic guitar, preferably nylon string. Even though I don’t take enough time to play often I’ve always had one available at home throughout my entire life. 

Australia’s music scene is explosive! In the past few years we’ve seen some massive artists come out of there. How would you describe the current music scene and what kind of influence does it have on your music?
Diverse I think. Definitely seen some explosion of electronic acts here…However I don’t think it has a direct influence on my own music.

Who are you currently inspired by?
I have always been into artists who are either songwriters or producers or both like, Prince, Peter Gabriel, Bowie, Stevie, Lennon, Dylan, Nirvana, Daft Punk and even Pharrell and Mark Ronson. Modern artists who I’ve recently enjoyed have been – Tycho, Odesza, Miike Snow, zhu, Frank Ocean, Classixx, Gotye, M83, Duke Dumont, Banks, Bob Moses, Kendrick Lamar, and Bonobo.

What’s next for Julian Maverick? Any new projects we should be aware of?
I am aiming for an EP release in December and album early next year.  I’m also doing a duo project called Fast Apache with Matt Kvon formerly of Parachute Youth. I would like to a release a more raw project under perhaps another name with purely acoustic and vocals sometime in 2017.

Listen to Julian Maverick:

MikeArtist Session: Julian Maverick

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