Artist You Should Know: Future Thieves

With a haunting new single that just premiered on Team Coco, a live album due out in January, and a slew of shows coming up, Nashville-based rock band Future Thieves belong on your radar. We chatted with the guys to get the 411 on what it was like to record their live album at Blue Rock Studio, their evolution as a band, and more.

Hi Future Thieves! Before we get into it, can you introduce yourselves?
Well first we have Elliot Collett from Eastern Kentucky on guitar and lead vocals, Austin McCool on guitar and Nick Goss on bass, both from Southern Indiana, and Gianni Gibson from Los Angeles on drums.

Congrats on premiering “Ghosts” on Team Coco (Conan O’Brian)! What’s the story behind the track?
Thank you! What a thrill to be on his website, we’ve always loved Conan. The track came from a riff Austin had on guitar and it evolved into a poppy, groovy song. The lyrics mention a bit about some darker subjects, such as the “early ghosts” bit. But overall we wanted a clean, well put together song that floats around for the most part and punches in the chorus.

“Ghosts” is off your upcoming album Live at Blue Rock. What made you want to do a live album and what can your fans expect?
We’ve always taken our live performance very seriously as an aspect of our band. We want the songs to come across as something we enjoy playing every night and for new people, which is true. We had a few days off in Austin, TX, between some SXSW dates. So, we booked time at the beautiful Blue Rock Studio, thought we’d play every song we had up to that point, and see what happened. Turned out great so we want to share it with everyone.

What was your experience recording at Blue Rock Studio?
The studio is unbelievable, including a one of a kind soundboard and pieces of outboard gear designed by none other than Rupert Neve himself. The room was extremely warm and welcoming and we embraced the live feel of the Internet broadcast associated with the show. 

Why did you all decide to settle down in Nashville? How has being in a prominent music city influenced your sound?
Besides Austin and Nick, we all met in Nashville. Elliot had already been coming down here for years from Eastern Kentucky to write and play songs. Gianni had been all over the Northeast Coast of the US as well as London before deciding to land here in Nashville. Austin and Nick moved after college to pursue music full time. Once everyone was here, our separate projects ended at the right times to where we had nothing to do but start playing together.

Our sound is our sound because of what we listen to of course…but it’s also our sound because of how unique everyone’s playing is. Gianni is a freak of nature, Austin dreams up guitar parts that no one on earth does, etc. Being in Nashville is truly inspiring to be around the talent and see the shows we get to see, but our sound is our sound, just like our favorites here in town. Everyone draws from someone or something, but it’s hard to put a finger on it when there’s so much we are being exposed to here in Nashville.

What is the creative process like for you guys? Does everyone have a role in songwriting or writing instrumentals?
We plug in just like we would for a show and start throwing ideas out. Drum beats, bass lines, guitar riffs, etc. Then Elliot hums along and lets a melody form, lyrics later. Sometimes, of course, there’s another process…like an acoustic guitar part to start or a thought of maybe we should have this kind of drum beat or this kind of guitar part, and we see what comes out.

How have you evolved as a band since forming in 2013?
We’ve gotten good at bouncing off of each other. We all know how to adapt to each other on the fly and get the gist of what the other band mate is wanting out of a part they bring to the table. We’ve also been on the road a lot, and every night is a valuable lesson. Most importantly, we’ve evolved as people and are more mature, focused, driven even. Every day is better in this band than the day before.

What would you like to have accomplished in the next year?
We want to have our next studio album recorded and mastered, maybe some content from it floating around. But most importantly, we want to tour and see people. We love the road and festivals.

What’s in the near future for Future Thieves? Any shows or tours we should be aware of?
November is full of northeast and Midwest dates, then a mid-December Christmas party on December 16 at 12th & Porter here in Nashville with Guthrie Brown and Sunghosts, who we will then scoot around Florida with for a week and a half. January 13 is our Live at Blue Rock release and then a quick break before some more touring, including SXSW! Stay on our site and our socials for updates. Come hang with us!

Listen to Future Thieves:

MikeArtist You Should Know: Future Thieves


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