The Best LA Music Venues

From venues full of musical history to a cemetery, our LA-based CONNECT Manager Sharyn rounded up a list of her all-time favorite venues in LA. Check out a show at one of these rad places the next time you’re in town.

This is one of my favorite venues in the country. Playing the Troubadour is a milestone for any artist. The room has an amazing vibe to it, in part because of its astounding history:  Elton John, James Taylor, Carol King and Tom Waits all started off there. Big name acts like Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, The National, etc. have been known to do underplays. Troubadour always has great bands coming through, impeccable sound and if you’re tired of standing you can go watch the show from the row of church pews upstairs.

Bardot is across the street from the iconic Capitol Records Building and home of the It’s a School Night Monday series. The weekly party is a staple in the LA music scene and hosted by KCRW DJ Chris Douridas. The masterminds who book the series are extremely particular and have a great ear for the next big thing, so Industry and music fans alike flock there regularly to discover new music.


Ask any band in LA where they played their first shows and Bootleg will most definitely come up. The club has always been supportive of the local scene but ever since it switched bookers about two years ago, the calendar continues to impress with lineups featuring the best touring and local acts. The staff is full of musicians themselves giving off a community oriented vibe and it’s the perfect place for an artist to get their first big shot at a cool club.


There’s nothing stranger than walking through a completely dark, palm tree lined cemetery full of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to catch a show. But it’s also really, really cool. A grassy knoll inside the cemetery is known to host its own concerts and movie nights outdoors, but the real treasure is within the 100 year old Masonic Lodge. Seeing a band here is like being invited to the beautiful, mysterious temple of some sort of secret society.  With a very limited capacity and an even more limited concert schedule, the booking of this venue is meticulous and most shows are sold out well in advance.


Sharyn started at the Windish Agency in Chicago at the front desk.  Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.56.25 PMAfter a year, she became the president’s personal assistant then his booking assistant, eventually working her way up to a full-blown agent with her own roster. In her six years at the agency, she has worked on tours for dozens of artist including The xx, alt-J, Hot Chip, Gotye, The Knife, and M83. Prior to Windish, Sharyn worked as an assistant talent buyer for two small venues in Chicago and did PR for a few artists. She now works in artist development for ReverbNation Connect and manages artists, and is always checking out the best music venues in LA.

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