Artist You Should Know: Dead Leaf Echo

Get to know Brooklyn’s music/art collective, Dead Leaf Echo! We chatted with the group to get the deets on their new cassette, I WILL Do Anything Tour, influences, and more.

Hey Dead Leaf Echo, introduce yourselves.
We are LG: Guitar,Vocals Ana B.: Guitar, Vocals Kevin K: Drum Steve S: Bass

You recently premiered “” on IMPOSE who called it, “Badass, sensual, and intense, this track is something we intend to play at our next big party.” What’s the story behind the track?
That’s a last minute B-side that was added to the tape. It was created in the studio with a drum machine and one guitar. The lead off track “I will do (anything)” (premiered on Brooklyn Vegan) was recorded at Mexican Summer’s studio Gary’s Electrical with Jorge Elbrecht (Ariel Pink, Violens) we tracked it there almost 2 years ago! It’s nice to finally release something after such a long time.

What’s the concept behind split cassette with Did You Die?
We played this wild techno party in Vancouver with them before the van broke down in British Columbia. It was ultimately the last show of our west coast tour last year. We knew there was something special there and they had suggested we do something collectively together. We have these 2 tracks that aren’t going to be on our new album so it worked out perfectly for this tape release. Plus we’ve never released any music on that format so that’s cool.

Tell us a little about your I WILL Do Anything Tour.
It’s built around 2 festivals. Echo Fest in Detroit and Kalamashoegazer in Kalamazoo. Both in Michigan. Echo Fest we played 2 years ago with Elephant Stone and Sisters of your Sunshine Vapor. Sisters do a great job of curating this and it’s bigger than ever this year featuring Hawkwind as a headliner. We play the pre-party on Friday 11/11. Kalamashoegazer is a festival in its 10th year now. This is also a 2 day fest and features some dear friends from the midwest that rep the best of the rock the way we like it (LOUD with REVERB) like Brief Candles, Airiel, Lightfoils, Glowfriends.  We’re also making appearances in Chicago at the Empty Bottle, Ft Wayne IN. and both are always a good time! Later we hit Philly and Asbury Park, NJ.

How have you guys collectively grown and evolved since forming in 2008?
The lineup has changed a few times before solidifying 3 years ago. Things really began to lock in and we quickly released the EP “True.Deep.Sleeper” in 2014 and have finished our 2nd LP as well.

Neon Sigh says you, “remain one of the few left willing to work on high-art as concept.”  Can you expand on the idea of being a music/art collective?
It’s about working with other artists that inspire you. The format can be audio, visual or the written word. Appreciating design and concepts that incorporate a larger body of work.  

What have been some of your biggest obstacles you’ve had to face in your career?
Lack of money, broken vans and missed connections.

Top 3 influences, go.
Water, Ivo Watts-Russell, Dreams

In September you performed a benefit concert for Radio Free Brooklyn. Can you tell us a bit about Radio Free Brooklyn and what you were helping raise money for?
Radio Free Brooklyn is great. We were introduced by Scott Einhorn a DJ there after he invited us on his show for an interview….later we were introduced to one of the founders Robert Prichard who previously ran Surf Reality. The benefit was at this really fun loft Unit J in deep Bushwick and helped raise money for their new vinyl record shop. I think they will eventually have the DJ’s spin from the storefront window ala East Village. I haven’t seen it yet but I can’t wait to get back and check it out.

What’s next for Dead Leaf Echo?
After this tour our 2nd album will be released next year! That means more videos, more tours, more laughing in the face of poverty.

Listen to Dead Leaf Echo:

MikeArtist You Should Know: Dead Leaf Echo

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