Artist You Should Know: Young Scrap

By combining R&B and hip-hop, LA-based singer/songwriter and rapper Young Scrap will have you listening to his tracks on repeat with his unique style of “Trill And B.” We caught up with him to get the deets on his latest album, what it’s like to perform with Nipsey Hussle, 21 Savage and Trey Songz, what advice he’d give aspiring hip-hop artists, and more.

Hey Young Scrap! Before we get started tell can you tell us little about yourself?
I’m a singer, rapper and songwriter from Inglewood, California that’s a huge video game nerd and grew up in love with music. Lol

We read you grew up in Inglewood, CA and later moved to Maryland. Both cities have had a major influence on hip-hop culture. How has living in both cities influenced your style?
Maryland taught me about a style of music they call “go-go” and “club” since I’m right in the middle of D.C. and Baltimore. It gave me a major chance to soak up both influences and utilize them sometimes in my music.

How do you describe your sound and what kind of message are you trying to send to your fans?
My sound I call it “Trill And B” it’s a mix of R&B and hip-hop that’s heavily influenced by the Houston sound of rap. As far as my message I wanna promote 90’s love…nobody’s in “love” anymore. Everybody just wants sex. Or at least according to music and artist today…I’d like to change it back to how it used to be. Peace, love and positivity.

At what age did you know music was a career you wanted to pursue? Was there a major factor or influence in your life that made you realize you wanted to be a performer?
When 500 degrees came out and I heard “Youngin blues” by Lil Wayne. Literally made me love music. I was young and had my first real crush and it was the soundtrack to my life for a while too lol. Women motivate. And as far as performing I’ve been doing that since the age of 2 on the performing arts side since. I did over 16 years of traditional dance. (Tap, Hiphop, modern) even had a chance to do Broadway extremely young. So I’ve always been in love with the stage.

Earlier this year you released your 18-track Trill and B, which showcases your ability to hit falsettos and spit bars at the same time. Can you give us a rundown of the creative process for this project?
It took approximately 2 years for me to find a good balance for the project. It took so long mainly because I go through phases. Sometimes I wanna sing. Other times nothing but rap. But I found myself a good medium once – I got a chance to link with my engineer Joey Magic. Shortly after that it was almost like magic. We found the sweet spot and got some of the album favorites like “Pyrex,” “Trill Vibes” and “Curious” all in the last few weeks of the album’s release.

Hip-hop is an ever-evolving genre in which certain trends seem to stand out more than others (Trap movement, etc.) How do you plan on staying relevant and true to your artistry?
By evolving with the times. And hopefully my music shows that. My new song “Pyrex” is a pure “Trap song” for today’s times. For the radio. For the people. And for that sound I’ve created an alter ego called “Skrizzy,” while my song “Trill Vibes” shows my true love for music, R&B roots and reminds you of a beautiful sunny day in California. That’s Young Scrap. That’s me staying true to me as an artist.

What has been your biggest accomplishment and what advice can you give for aspiring hip-hop artists?
I WON A BILLBOARD AWARD! lol I wrote for an artist by the name of “V.I.C” the song “Twerk it” hit Billboard’s top 100 peaking at number 56. I had that song on my hard drive for over a year. I had no plans on releasing it. That was amazing for the songwriter in me. It let me know I could do this. My advice for other hip hop artists – I was homeless, I’ve been sick, I’ve lost my voice, was even told I wasn’t good enough as an artist. To quit, but I didn’t. And won’t and neither should you.

We heard you have some upcoming shows with trending artists Nipsey Hussle, 21 Savage, and Trey Songz — that is major! How did this come about and what are you most excited about?
Yes! Nipsey Hussle’s show was almost sold out! Was even blessed enough to have Nipsey show support for me as an artist – that was big for me with him being from Los Angeles. 21 savage on Halloween night WAS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. I’ve never seen so many people in that place! It was epic night in Hollywood and November 17th I have Trey Songz at OHM Nightclub coming! These evens really came about from my DJ’s KendrickMVP and DJ Big Mike – they introduced me to a promoter named Guero he told me he enjoyed the music, saw the movement and had some events coming up he would like me to be a part of. We sat down, had a meeting. Locked everything in and the events have been AMAZING. I couldn’t be more appreciative I was thought about to be involved in the events. I’m currently doing a lot of live shows so if you’­­re in Los Angeles make sure you come out to one!

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MikeArtist You Should Know: Young Scrap


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  • Shawn Bagot - December 5, 2016 reply

    Definitely an artist to watch!!!!

  • Chris - December 20, 2017 reply

    Music is so sick!!! Planning a tour for next year and would like to connect with a artist like yourself that is making it happen. A lot of young artist could learn from you.

  • David Fleay - June 23, 2020 reply

    Love young artist.

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