Artist Session: The Upset Victory

Set to release their first full-length album, Cincinnati-based quintet The Upset Victory is turning heads with their uptempo, high energy brand of alt-pop. We recently got up with the band to discuss their latest single, “The Weekend (Bad Habits),” stripped down songwriting process, and more.

Hey guys, thanks for catching up with us! You just premiered “The Weekend (Bad Habits)” on MySpace Music and said, “”The Weekend” is a bit of a satire, urging one to embrace their inner demons or desires (bad habits).” What’s the story behind the track?

You’re absolutely right. Jason, our lead singer, said it best, “‘The Weekend’ is a bit of a satire, urging one to embrace their inner demons or desires (bad habits), whilst poking fun at the status-quo of “morality” — church and confession of sins. The song also points to our innate attraction to chaos, and our tendency to lust after something/someone despite knowing or being told it is “no good.” Lastly,  I feel, “The Weekend” is a reflection of my own life and the menace I have been.”

How did all of you meet?

The members of The Upset Victory were introduced to music at an early age and it progressed into joining bands and other musical projects as we approached our teenage years. Essentially, we’ve all been involved in a variety of projects and bands over many years. The Upset Victory formed out of the ashes of those previous bands. We’ve all known each other on a personal level throughout the Cincinnati music scene for years.

Give us a preview of your upcoming album.

If people have enjoyed the first two singles “Don’t Give Up The Night” and “The Weekend (Bad Habits)” that were recently released, then they’re definitely going to love the rest of the album. There are some surprises in store. The great thing about this album is how eclectic it is. We love a variety of genres so we wanted to explore that on this new album. We experimented with different types of instrumentation, production, and songwriting ideas and concepts. This album is a slight departure from our previous release, the ‘Wall Street’ EP, but it’s still in the same vein. This is our first full-length album so we felt as though we owed it to ourselves and supporters to really push ourselves and get out of our comfort zone a little. We’re very proud of these songs.

What is your songwriting process like? Are all members responsible in the creative process?

Our singer Jason Dill and guitarist/singer Frank Hammonds formulated the basis for a lot of the songs on one acoustic guitar. We tend to gravitate towards a more stripped down approach to songwriting. The idea being if it sounds great in a very basic format than the added polish that production/recording provides will just further enhance an already good song. The remaining members of The Upset Victory (Stephen Campbell [guitar], Aaron Roy [drums], and Eric Vice [bass]) as well as the production/songwriting team at Starlight Studios (Orlando, Fl. | Nashville, TN), comprised of Brock Berryhill and Evan Coffman, recorded and assisted with further song-writing duties for the song.

You guys have been compared to some our favorite pop rock bands including AFI, Yellowcard, and Panic! At the Disco! How would your describe your sound?

That’s always very flattering to hear. There’s so many great bands we admire. I think that’s the toughest question musicians get asked – to describe their sound. What’s cool about being a member of TUV is that we’re constantly evolving and writing what comes naturally to us. Each release we’ve put out has been different than the one before it. Whatever we’re feeling in the moment and inspired by is up for grabs. We don’t like to be hindered by genres so if it’s rock, pop, alternative, punk, reggae, whatever we’re game so long as the song is good. That’s what it comes down to – well crafted songs. I’d say we have roots in rock, pop, and alternative leaning genres.

Describe the current Cincinnati music scene and how has the city influenced you?

We all have a long history with the Cincinnati music scene. It’s a very artistic and creative city so I encourage people to make the trip to visit Cincy. Music publications such as CityBeat and outlets like Cincymusic help local artists with all kinds of resources to help build their careers. We’ve built a lot of great friendships and relationships over the years. Major radio stations such as The Project, WEBN, and 96ROCK have done an amazing job supporting local artists and have been good to us. We’ve been privileged enough to play The Bunbury Music Festival which has been awesome for the city as well. Venues like The Woodward Theater, The Madison Theater, MOTR, Southgate House and Bogart’s have been integral too.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

The biggest challenge, and probably in life in general, is that never ending balancing act. When you commit to your passions you also have to take in account the other people in your life, as well as other responsibilities, of course. We have a lot of great relationships and people in our lives who support us and understand our passions so we’ve lucky in that regard. Just have to be mindful to not lose sight of anything.

Greatest accomplishment?

Overcoming the obstacles and hurdles along the way to record our first full length album definitely stands out as a very recent and huge accomplishment. Hearing the new singles on the radio was a pretty amazing feeling too. To see all of our hard work, time, and energy payoff was meaningful. Each new opportunity, person we meet, new fan, and live show where we can get on stage and play our songs is an accomplishment to us.

Thanks for chatting with us! Anything else you’d like to share?

Be sure to stay connected with us. More new music and updates will continue to roll out as we prepare to release our new album. Thank you!

Listen to The Upset Victory:


TylerArtist Session: The Upset Victory

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