Artist You Should Know: Hy Brasil

We caught up with Hy Brasil to get the lowdown on their new single, “Let Go,” creative process, live shows, and the story behind their mythical band name.

Hi guys, before we start off can you please introduce yourselves?  

Absolutely, my name is Wyatt Hull, I’m the chanteur of refined bellowing for Hy Brasil, we are a mostly alt-rock specific band but at times genre confused. Currently we reside in Ventura California, about an hour up the coast from Los Angeles.

Where did you come up with the name Hy Brasil?  

Hy Brasil was the name of a supposed island once on all the ancient mariner maps but now has vanished. Its mythology is very similar to Atlantis but more fascinating because of the numerous eyewitness accounts of the island. The word was derived from “Breasal” which means “High King of the World”. I could nerd out more on the history but its ties to extraterrestrials are what really attracted me to the name. In one of the most famous & well documented UFO encounters, at a US military base in the UK’s Rendlesham Forest, Jim Penniston touched a grounded alien craft & received 16 pages of binary code burned into his mind that were later translated to “EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY 666 8100 52.0942532N 13.131269W (Hy Brasil) CONTINUOUS FOR PLANETARY ADVANCEMENT.” Which in a nutshell says that Aliens will someday return to the coordinates of the island of Hy Brasil for planetary advancement. Also if you rearrange the letters in my name Wyatt Hull the anagram is Hy Brasil.  

Describe your live shows.  

Our live shows, like the alien binary code, get burned into people’s mind, forever trying to figure out what they just encountered. I tend to boogie around stage in an organized frenzy, sorta like a futuristic special needs Mick Jagger/Jim Morrison. I guess I’m attempting to channel some spiritual realization through melody & verbiage. The musicianship of Nikolaus Gonzalez makes this channeling possible, collectively we have some sort of transcendentalism going on.    

Tell us the story behind your new single “Let Go” which premiered on PureVolume.  

Our guitarist Nikolaus Gonzalez brings all the songs instrumentally to the table for me to write vocals & lyrics to. He had this infectious riff that I loved & with drummer Andrew Jones & bassist Willi Love we quickly turned it into Let Go. Initially Nik wasn’t crazy about the song because of the lack of changes it conveyed while I felt that the simplicity & catchy characteristics were exactly what our overstimulated generation needed.  We laid down the track at the Captain’s Quarters Studio with Armand John Anthony who recorded, engineered, & mixed the song. The legendary Dan Burke was responsible for the fantastic photo/single art.   

We loved learning about your backstory in the Saint Archer Brewing Co. “Work Hard & Drink Beer” video feature. Can you give us a breakdown of how Hy Brasil started and how all of you met?  

Saint Archer is an amazing company that have been very kind & supportive of our music & I suppose it was very appropriate that they featured us because Nik & I dreamed up a majority of this band over numerous finely crafted beers. We just started with a lot of cloud talk & big ideas & now we have to try to live up to them I suppose, time will tell.  

How has living in Ventura, CA influenced your sound?  

Somehow living in sunny, beachville, USA hasn’t permeated into our music according to me. I did however grow up in the desolate & artistically decelerating midwest. Following that childhood I was able to bounce around a bit so I try to draw from everywhere I’ve been a part of. Also my self-diagnosed mental illnesses probably add to a darker theme lyrically.  

24HourMusic said “Hy Brasil’s Animal’s Grace is dreamy and spacey alternative rock done right, channelling a certain energy that swirls the melancholia of Radiohead, the darker edge of The Cure, and the dreamy pop sensibilities of The Killers.” That’s a huge compliment! Who were some of your musical idols growing up?  

That is a huge compliment, I should send that writer a gift-basket of some-sort. All those named have actually been very influential for Hy Brasil, I grew up with a lot of classic & psychedelic rock bands, but love a vast variety of artists from CocoRosie to T-Rex, bottomline it’s all about vocal hooks & melodies for me. Nik is all over the map, I always catch him listening to Purity Ring, but he started his career playing in metal bands and will always attribute Nirvana & The Beatles as his main songwriting influences.  

What’s your creative process like and where do you draw inspiration from?

For songwriting I draw my creativity from years of writing that now allows me to quickly know what is going to work or not. I also like to try and keep in the loop with modern music so I can write somewhat accordingly, lately my guilty pleasure is 21 pilots, ha!  

How do you guys stay focused and inspired when the times get tough?  

For me lately & personally it’s been a return to devotions & prayer, when everything is falling apart communication with my Holy God is what’s been keeping me from self-destruction. Tough times obviously always suck during the time you’re in the thick of them but really do inspire & help your character & creativity grow if you can survive them.   

What’s next for the band?  

We are going to keep writing & recording until we feel like we have an unmistakable masterpiece that’s worth pushing down people’s throats on a tour.  

Listen to Hy Brasil:

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