Tour Diaries: Josh Savage

In 2015, U.K. born, bilingual singer/songwriter, Josh Savage, played 79 intimate shows across the U.S. and Europe with Sofar Sounds and in homes of fans. Holding the record for playing the most Sofar Sounds shows worldwide, Josh is hoping to inspire other artists with his new documentary Living Room Tours. Read on to learn about Josh’s heartfelt and inspiring Living Room Tour, how Sofar Sounds has helped in the development of his career, and more.

Hey Josh, it’s been a few months since we chatted! Give us a breakdown of your Living Room Tour.

As a new artist, it’s difficult to connect with your audience in bars and in venues where people talk over your music, text or get drunk. Often, I wonder if people even go to gigs for the music anymore. So in 2015, I played 79 shows across America and Europe in intimate environments with Sofar Sounds and in the homes of fans. It was a wonderful yet tough experience and it was a great, affordable way to kickstart my music career as a singer/songwriter.

How do you hope to inspire other artists?

I hope the documentary will show other artists that you don’t need the “go ahead” or permission from anybody to follow your dream. With the internet today, you can make your own rules.

We love that Sofar Sounds connects artists with audiences in intimate settings around the world. (You actually hold the record for playing the most Sofar shows!). How has this opportunity helped the development of your career?

One of the hardest things as a new artist is to bring audiences to shows, especially in new cities and you are often expected to do this with promoters in live music venues. Sofar Sounds give you a sold out audience every time and an attentive one to boot. Therefore, you can focus on giving the best performance possible.

What’s the appeal to playing intimate shows?

Playing to more attentive ears. You can interact better with your audience in intimate settings.

You’ve been playing daily shows (sometimes even two a day) while on tour, what are your tips for maintaining your voice?

Tea, honey, steam, sleep and not talking loudly over loud music. Whiskey as a last resort if I’m not driving.

Tell us about the most memorable moment or show from your Living Room Tour.

They all kind of merge into one. What struck me the most is how well looked after I was by each living room host. I’m basically a stranger in their home yet I was made feel so welcome. When you’re touring on your own, it can get very lonely and it’s things like this that keep you going.

What would your dream tour look like?

Touring the world with a full band in live music venues with the odd intimate living room show.

Where are you headed next?

I’m doing a UK living room tour when my single comes out on January 20 and a full blown Europe tour in April/May for my new EP. I have my sights on touring living rooms in a new continent like South America someday too.

Watch Josh Savage’s The Living Room Tour Trailer:

DaveTour Diaries: Josh Savage

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  • felonious monk - June 5, 2017 reply

    nice to see someone materializing what i considered doing some years ago after doing a few similar yet separate sofa sessions… its a winning formula, enjoyed by all i found…to some it was a profound experience… bravo josh… 🙂

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