Invest, Create, Explore, Enjoy: Music Career Advice From Singer M. Maggie

From pop to soul and electronic R&B, New Orleans native M. Maggie is making heads turn. Her effortless croon, heartfelt lyrics, and jazzy flourishes have gotten her noticed by Pigeons and Planes, Buzzfeed, and Nylon Magazine. Her song “Trndsttr” reached #14 on the Dance chart on iTunes and has received over 2 million views on YouTube! That’s not all,  M. Maggie has been selected for several ReverbNation opportunities including Rock N’ Roll Marathon, School Night, and Bold Creative Media. We caught up with the singer to learn about her new single “My Love,” the benefits of collaborating with other artists, and her advice for artists just joining ReverbNation.

Hey, M. Maggie! We’re thrilled to have you be part of our series. Give us an introduction to M. Maggie.

HEY! Im M. Maggie, an artist and writer living in New York City.

How would you describe your sound?

M Dot is soul music at heart. It’s poetic, rhythmic, speaking about what’s true to me, what I observe in my life and on my journey. Its sexy and relatable, gets into your body! Especially this next EP! The songs confess a desire for more. The best can’t be forgotten. We all deserve that kind of love.

You were recently selected to perform for 15,000 runners at the Rock ’n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon via an exclusive ReverbNation opportunity – tell us about your experience.

It was really awesome! We saw the sunrise and played for the runners as they got to the end of the race. The sound for that show was amazing and the people that came out even more so! I handed out shirts and gave out hugs! Definitely won’t forget that!

You were just selected to perform at Baby’s All Right for School Night: an industry showcase curated by Chris Douridas (KCRW) and hosted by Matt Goldman. Given the tastemaker appeal of School Night, what does this opportunity mean for the growth of your career?

I’m so excited! I’ve seen a lot of fresh music come out of School Night and I can’t wait to continue those waves! It means people are listening and connecting to my art as well as the artists I choose to work with. Everyone on my team should be excited for this, we blessed!

Working with producers such as MUTO and Black Coast have opened up new avenues for you in the dance/electronic world. Your song, “Trndsttr” reached #14 on the Dance chart on iTunes and has received over 2 million views on YouTube! What are the advantages of collaborating with other artists? Can you walk us through the creative process?

Black Coast is a big reason why M. Maggie came out! Even when I was writing TRNDSTTR, I wasn’t sure how to go about releasing music. He took the reigns and I sent the music to everyone I could think of. Then with the intro of Lucian, we had this fire remix that the world still can’t shake. #14 on iTunes Dance, # 1 Viral Brazil, over 150 Million combined views, no one expected that! Collaborating opens you up to more ears and eyes. It also gives you more promotion if all ends pitch in. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people around the world through music.

What was the concept behind your music video for “Vaporize”? Can you describe the experience of working with Bold Creative Media to produce the video?

For the filming of Vaporize, the idea was that I had a dream that I was tied underwater, held by a rope. This represented myself, the real me, who I was but “couldn’t be.” And then, in order to save myself, I dive in and follow the rope to the bottom. Only I find the end of the rope in my own hand, that I was holding myself down the whole time. So I let go and I’m released to the top of the water, safe. Working with Matt and Doug of Bold Creative Media was so much fun! We shot outside of the city and it was like a retreat filming with them. Shooting underwater was a challenge but they were patient and professional and we had a blast!

You’re an avid user of ReverbNation tools and have been selected for several opportunities. What advice can you give artists who are just joining ReverbNation?

Keep creating content and submitting for opportunities. The more you put out there the more people can appreciate what you do. Everyone is unique and you have to believe in what you do to succeed. Invest, create, explore, enjoy!

What’s next for M. Maggie?

“My Love” releases 12/12 and I’m so excited to be working with Leo Nguyen and Emily Davis on a video featuring some very heavenly shots, representing nirvana and the bliss of love. Expect more art and music from the Lost in Color EP coming too!

Thanks for chatting with us! Anything else you’d like to add?

I can’t list all the amazing artists involved in my work here but all are tagged in my posts. FOLLOW @MMaggieMiller and celebrate their work for me by shouting out/ sharing your favs.

Bless and be blessed!




DaveInvest, Create, Explore, Enjoy: Music Career Advice From Singer M. Maggie

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