Get Music Feedback From Twitter Like Brian Hazard Does

Though I’d reaaaallllly like to say we’re the only way to obtain unbiased music feedback from consumers, that’s not necessarily the truth. Brian Hazard, he of the ten-album Color Theory and head mastering engineer at Resonance Mastering, put this belief into play recently when he took to Twitter to solicit some lyrical recommendations from his followers.

The Rationale

My first thought was, “Brian, you are out of your mind.” Twitter is becoming more and more known for trolling, not for something like music feedback. But he understands the participatory nature of the platform and he has a very engaged follower base there.


“Lately I’m making an effort to include my fans in the creation process, so I shared my lyrics on Twitter in the form of two images (bypassing the 140 character limit). To my surprise, I received several helpful pointers and zero snarky comments.”


Music Feedback is Everywhere

Turns out music consumers are pretty open to being welcomed into the creative process, especially superfans, and many have ideas worth considering.

“[My followers’] feedback, including a two-word substitution that I accepted outright, had a huge impact on the final product.”

Will your fans help you write the next hit song? You never know – it’s a possibility. Regardless of the end result, we salute Brian for taking a chance to get his fans involved with not only music feedback, but the process of music creation from the ground up.


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DaveGet Music Feedback From Twitter Like Brian Hazard Does

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