Must-See Artists Playing SXSW Next Week

From authentic Americana to future electro-soul, there’s a gaggle of uber talented ReverbNation artists headed to BBQ-land to play SXSW in Austin next week. You’ll probably recognize at least a few of them. There’s the quirky pair that make up GRUMBY, the kid Rolling Stone labeled a “prodigy” – also known as Sammy Brue, and Future Thieves, who debuted their track “Ghosts” with Conan O’Brien. That’s just to name a few. Come hear the rest…

Headed to Austin? Make sure you check out our showcase with Killing Moon on Tuesday, March 14th.

Playlist – HERE. Individual tracks – BELOW. 🚀🚀🚀

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Ellie Herring

Future Thieves

Reuben Bidez


Dead Leaf Echo

Henry Hall

The Bergamot

Sammy Brue

Melissa Polinar


Bad Pop

Annabel Allum

Ryan Beaver

Big Jesus

Communist Daughter



DaveMust-See Artists Playing SXSW Next Week

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