10 Genres We Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of…Until Now

They’re weirdly awesome. And so is the music. When musicians join ReverbNation, they choose a genre – or multiple genres – to match their style of music. Since every artist is different, they have the option to write in whatever genre they can dream up. And boyyyy, are there some doozies!

We’ve all been there, when your go-to artists and songs just aren’t doing it for you anymore. So this week, we uncovered the secret forest dwellers of the genre world – the ones you didn’t even know existed until right now.

Play the entire collection or check out each unique, snowflake-y genre below.

ReverbNation Discover

Genre: Cinematic Dirt

Artist: Forebear


Genre: Pizza Pop

Artist: Shivery Shakes


Genre: Kung-Fu Chill

Artist: Alex and The Talai Lama


Genre: Surf Disco

Artist: The Outer Vibe


Genre: Dreamwave

Artist: TESHA


Genre: Imaginary Country

Artist: The Kernal


Genre: Transcendental Texas

Artist: The Deer


Genre: Holler Folk

Artist: The Ghost of Paul Revere


Genre: Vaporwave

Artist: Nmesh


Genre: Witch House

Artist: Metal Mother

Dave10 Genres We Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of…Until Now

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