10 Subgenres We Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of – Volume 2

Right when we thought we uncovered all the deep sea creatures of the genre world, we’re back again with 10 more that you’ve definitely never, ever heard of. Seriously, if any of these genres ring a bell, chances are you’re some sort of extraterrestrial super nerd.

To provide some background, when musicians join ReverbNation, they choose a genre – or multiple genres – to match their style of music. Since every artist is different, they have the option to write in whatever genre they can dream up. And boyyyy, are there some unique ones!

If you’re bored with your current playlist, check out these 10 subgenres to find some new and interesting music.

Play the entire collection or check out each unique, snowflake-y genre below.

ReverbNation Discover

Genre: F***** Up Space Pop

Artist: CHAPPO


Genre: Kinda Cute, Kinda Hot, Kinda Sexy Rock with a Twist

Artist: Sisters on Wire


Genre: Cosmic American

Artist: Oddfellows


Genre: Metal Dance Party

Artist: The Dead Deads


Genre: Christmas in Space

Artist: Sharks’ Teeth


Genre: Breakfast Music

Artist: Chris Staples


Genre: Gypsydelic

Artist: The Peach Kings


Genre: Southern Slant

Artist: Jamestown Revival


Genre: Brainfeeder



Genre: Ocean

Artist: Motel Motel

Rebecca10 Subgenres We Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of – Volume 2

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