4 Tips to Personalize Your Social Media Promotion

When you’re marketing your music on social media, it can be tempting to use the formal, corporate voice we’re used to seeing in advertising, but that isn’t necessarily the best way to connect with your loyal and prospective fans. Using a more modern and personable voice can help humanize your advertising, making it feel less like a sales pitch and more like a friend offering something that will actually make life better.

Below, we’ve outlined a few tips to keep your social media promotion personable and unique to your own voice. However, bear in mind that it is possible to go too far in trying to be personal — you don’t want a tweet to go viral for the wrong reasons. Keep it real, but always keep it professional.

1. Craft a simple pitch

In general, it’s better to say less and get your message across than to say too much and lose your audience. Don’t be ambiguous or vague. Have a simple pitch that’s easy to understand, and make sure your call-to-action is clear.

Of course, it’s fine to write the occasional lengthy, personal post — fans appreciate the authenticity — but just beware of going overboard.

2. Use a conversational tone

When speaking to your fans on social media, it’s best to talk like you would to a friend. That doesn’t mean you should neglect all grammar rules, but you don’t need to be super formal, either.

Instead of getting caught up in impressive wordplay, simply ask yourself, “How do I tell my friends about new music I’m into? What do my friends say to me when they try to sell me on something new?”

If you’re excited about something, use all caps and exclamation points like you would to a friend. If a song has personal meaning for you, don’t be afraid to share that in a vulnerable, honest way.

Obviously, your conversations with your closest friends will not always be suited for public display, but don’t censor yourself so much that you lose that friendly, conversational tone. Try to put that friend-style conversation in a professional frame.

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3. Embrace emojis

Emojis are pretty much ingrained in online conversations these days. So, why not use them when promoting your music? Throw in a fire emoji if what you’re sharing is really upbeat, or use a few heart emojis to express the gratitude and love you feel for your fans.

It might seem silly on the surface, but there’s no arguing that it’s effective: a recent study found that emojis lead to higher engagement on Instagram.

4. Go behind the scenes

It’s easy enough to just share images of your album artwork or links to buy your music, but you can make your social media pages much more engaging by sharing behind-the-scenes moments.

For example, the xx documents their tours and recording sessions with photo diaries. They let fans see inside their lives with pictures and stories about what really goes on behind their glossy albums and entertaining live shows.

We’re all human, after all. And showing that human side — even if it’s just a photo of the band eating at a diner — can really make a difference in taking your promotion from “sell, sell, sell” to a personal conversation.

It might feel unsettling at first to be personal on social media, but remember that you never have to share what you don’t feel comfortable sharing. Whether you’re tweeting about a movie you love or posting a selfie of you with your cat, having a strong online persona that people feel like they can connect with will take you far in turning casual fans into diehards.

Sam Friedman is an electronic producer and singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, creating music as Nerve Leak. Praised by major publications such as The FADER, his unique blend of experimental and pop music has earned him hundreds of thousands of streams across the web.

Rebecca4 Tips to Personalize Your Social Media Promotion

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