5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Promote It Campaign

Online advertising is a great way to get more exposure and build your brand as an artist. At ReverbNation, we have a tool for that called Promote It. For as little as just a few dollars per day, you can promote a song, an album, a video, a show, or a website on Facebook or on popular music sites, for example, Amazon, Billboard, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV, and many more. It’s also quick and easy to put your ad together.

Promote It is one of our most popular tools and has been around for awhile, but we recently just rolled out a brand new user experience along with some new features. Let me take you through it:

What’s New in Promote It

1. Works in Mobile. One of the biggest changes in Promote It is that it’s now completely mobile-friendly. You can create, manage, and review your campaigns from any device.

promote it mobile view

2. When you build a banner ad, the text (otherwise known as the copy) is completely customizable. You can change the headline, tagline, and call-to-action button.

promote it edit your copy

3. When creating a Facebook Ad campaign, you can now preview the image and text of the ad in a desktop and mobile view so you can see what it will look like before it’s published to Facebook.

promote it preview your facebook ad

4. The campaign listing pages are new and improved. You can now see your campaigns broken out into various sections including drafts, currently running, past campaigns, and any that need special attention.

promote it campaign listings

5. There’s also a campaign summary showing how many ad impressions you’re getting, how many fan interactions your ad has, and a weekly view of your campaign so you can see how it’s performing compared to other weeks.

promote it results

6. For Facebook ad campaigns, you can now target by genre along with location and similar artists.

facebook genre targeting in promote it

7. When promoting a show, you can now set your show budget by the estimated number of people you want to reach who live near the venue.

promote it show

8. When advertising a Facebook page, you no longer need to have the Band Profile app installed. However, we do recommend you install it if you want to get more stats such as plays, downloads, and new fans.

How to Get the Most Out of Promote It

Now that I’ve shared all of the latest and greatest new features, let me share some tips on how to get the most out of Promote It to ensure you run a successful campaign.


Use a clear, high-resolution photo that shows your face without any text on it. Don’t use profane gestures, nudity, third party materials, or reference illegal activities. Otherwise, your image will not be approved by our ad partners.

Ad copy

Keep your banner ad copy straightforward and encourage the user to take action with words like “listen” or “buy.” Don’t overdo it with the text so that it’s covering up your face or doesn’t make sense for the campaign. Short and simple works best.

Your Song or Content

When promoting a song, website, event, video, or other piece of content, make sure it’s ready to promote. For example, if you just uploaded a demo, it might not make sense to create a Promote It campaign for it just yet until it’s finished or you’ve gotten some feedback. If you’re looking for unbiased feedback on your music, you can purchase a Crowd Review, where you’ll get comments about your song from fans in your genre. Then, you can take that feedback, make changes, and then promote it. If you have multiple songs and you’re not sure which one to promote, you can also use Crowd Review to figure out which one resonates the most.


When advertising on Facebook, you can target other similar artists. But don’t just target a bunch of huge stars that have over a million followers. Target one of those, along with a couple of artists that are more niche in your genre. For ideas on similar artists to target, you can look at your Spotify profile and see what other artists people listen to. Also, if you’ve opened up for any bands, they would be an ideal similar artist to target.

Another tip for targeting is to make sure who, what, and where you target matches the goals of your campaign. For example, if you’re a hip hop artist, you most likely don’t want to target rock as a genre.


Start with a small budget at first. With a smaller budget, you can test out a campaign, learn from the results, then tweak it. Once you’ve learned what’s working, you can put more money into your campaign. This will get you the most bang for your buck when you’re ready to do a big marketing push.

So if you’re thinking about promoting your new song, album, show or other content, try out Promote It today.

Rebecca5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Promote It Campaign

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