How Blogging Can Grow Your Fanbase

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m going to tell you about a tool that is incredibly powerful in connecting with your audience, and yet completely underutilized particularly in the world of musicians. It has the power to bring forth laughter, tears, reflection, happiness, and most of all, it evokes a sense of connection from the reader to the writer.

I’m talking about blogging.

The power of words is not to be underestimated—beyond their daily use in our lives, we use them all the time in our careers. Every time we craft an email, post to our social media, or send out our newsletter, we’re harnessing the power of words to connect with our audience.

And yet for some reason musicians overlook blogging as one of the most powerful ways to connect with their audience.

Sure, writing 500 words can seem daunting, and coming up with topics can seem overwhelming. But once you’re in the habit, the possibilities are endless and I promise you that when done well, blogging is one of the most powerful ways to deepen your connection with your current audience, while pulling in new fans. Here’s how you can grow your fanbase through blogging.

Brainstorm a few topics

Try not to overthink this step. Intuitively, I bet you can think of 3-5 topics right off the bat that you’d like to talk about, that touch on your core beliefs and values. Don’t worry if they aren’t related to music—that can actually be an advantage! So long as they’re related to what your core beliefs are as a band, and the messages you’re consistently putting out there, they’re going to work perfectly.

For instance, if one of your platforms as an artist is to bring attention to mental health, writing a blog post about your own struggles and how you’ve overcome them is a perfect opportunity to open up and show who you are as a person—that kind of vulnerability is what will really connect your fans to you.

For more music centric posts, keep it interesting. For instance, a history of rock music might not be interesting to your audience, but a blog post about the 5 albums that shaped you, or the story of your very first show and the fear and excitement you felt might be. Just be sure to inject some personality into it. Remember, the goal with blogging is to connect with your fans on a deeper level, and to do that, you have to be willing to open up a little.

Set a schedule & post regularly

It’s important once you get started to put a strict schedule in place, and make sure you stick to it. Personally, I suggest starting with once a month and increasing from there if possible. However, don’t stop there. Just saying “I’ll post once a month” probably isn’t going to incentivize you. Set up reminders and follow them. Maybe you post on the 15th of each month, which means you have an alarm reminding you on the 10th to have your blog post written and posted in time.

Personally, I use the alarm system to remind me at least 3 different times before my blogs are due and you know what? Seeing that notification pop up 10 days, 5 days, 3 days before it’s due helps keep it fresh in my mind and makes sure it gets done and gets done well.

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Listen to your fans

Your fans will always tell you what they want—you just have to be willing to listen. Pay attention to the kinds of comments they leave, the things they “like” or retweet, and what they’re most into on your social media and in your music, and it will become a little clearer the kind of things they’ll gravitate towards. However, don’t be afraid to straight up ask them what they care about, what excites them, what gets them up in the morning. If you can tie in their interests and values into your own to create a killer blog post, that’s pure gold.

Don’t forget to promote!

Just because your blog is a separate entity from your social media doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using your social media (and your newsletter if you have one) to promote your blog posts. Each time you create a new post, share it to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—maybe you even get creative and create an accompanying Vlog so where you give a 3 minute overview of what fans can expect to read in this month’s blog. That way, you’re also cross promoting to YouTube, while adding a visual element (which is another great way to connect with fans)

Get creative with it too. Don’t just write “my new blog is up!” and call it a day. Entice your fans to actually click the link by posting a particularly juicy excerpt on your Facebook or Instagram post, or creating a graphic with a compelling quote from the article. Utilize your social media skills to convert those followers to blog readers and vice versa.

You’ve got this!

Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR and Infectious Magazine, as well as a personal development coach. She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog Sawyer.

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RebeccaHow Blogging Can Grow Your Fanbase


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  • Kyle - September 15, 2017 reply

    Great posts! Most musicians don’t create enough content other than music. Blogging and other online content give your fan base a reason to keep coming back and interacting. I also think guest bloggging and having guest bloggers on your blog are great ways to grow your base and network with professionals with big followings.

  • Rudebone - September 20, 2017 reply

    thanks for this

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