Artist Interview: Nuela Charles

With her epic, cinematic, soulful vibes, Nuela Charles sounds like something straight out of a James Bond film. Hailing from Edmonton, this Canadian singer/songwriter describes herself as “Alternative-Soul.”

Nuela Charles submitted her song to one of our opportunities where she was picked from thousands of artists to be signed to Killing Moon. We spoke to her about how she got started, the submission process, and what’s next for Nuela Charles.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start, how long have you been making music/performing, what kind of music do you play, etc.

I started singing as a kid in the school choirs. As I got older and moved from Canada to the Bahamas, I started getting involved in church music, and started teaching myself to play the guitar. This was when the female singer-songwriter was quite popular, and I wanted to be one of them. Over time, I started writing songs, and then went to school for a BA in Music, and began seriously pursuing a career in 2009, when I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My sound has definitely evolved over time, and where it is now, I call it “Alternative-Soul” but usually just tell people I sound like a “James Bond” movie.

Without the help of a big team what has been the biggest struggle for you as a DIY artist?

One of the biggest struggles is being taken seriously. I feel as though a lot of festivals, in particular, are inundated with artists – that usually only the ones with agents get through and it’s tough being a small fish in a big pond, having to scream out my own name. It also all takes a lot longer, but I feel as though I’ve built a great foundation to continue building on.

How did you hear about ReverbNation and our opportunities for labels and artists? Had you heard of Killing Moon Records before this opportunity?

I’ve been a member of the Reverbnation for almost 5 years now, but only heard about the opportunities recently. I knew about Killing Moon via their blog – they also had a rep visit our regional music association a couple years ago, for a seminar on booking, etc.

What was the submission process like? How did you choose which song to pick? What was your reaction when you found out that you were picked for this opportunity?

The submission process was very easy. I chose the songs that I felt were the most representative of me right now. I was very excited when I found out that I was picked for this opportunity. It’s definitely a feeling where I exhale and think “it’s slowly coming together now.”

What are you hoping to achieve with Killing Moon? What are your goals working with them?

Working with Killing Moon, I’m hoping to begin to build a strong foundation in the UK territory and then slowly expand into Europe. It’s a bit easy trying to establish yourself in another market when you have people over there already rooting for you. The goal is to be actively touring that region in the next year.

Any advice for new musicians just starting out? How do you get your name out there, find new fans, keep fans engaged, get noticed by labels etc?

The one thing that I tell everyone is don’t give up. It’s the ones that stop, that never make it. If you’re talented, and a super hard worker, you just have to give it a go, and give it time. Overnight success is never overnight.

I’m constantly researching for new opportunities to play my music in front of people. I’ve also been very avid in looking for TV synch licensing opportunities and have now over 10 placements, and the killer part is most of it I facilitated on my own. It’s possible – you just can’t wait around for someone to do it for you. It you want it – go and get it.

What’s up next for Nuela Charles?

I’m playing a few festivals in Canada and then working on new music. Hope to release something new this Fall.

RebeccaArtist Interview: Nuela Charles

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