Trust In Your Own Process: Meet Fly By Midnight

Retro pop duo Fly By Midnight (Justin and Slavo) formed after a casual songwriting session in their NY based studio. After collaborating on several projects, they saw an undeniable potential for combining their talents.

Fly By Midnight recently submitted their song to one of our opportunities where they were picked from thousands of artists to perform at the Firefly Music Festival.

They just released their brand new single “Just Say It” and we’re excited to share their brand new video here on the ReverbNation blog along with an interview where we spoke to them about how they got started, how they built their brand, and what’s next for Fly By Midnight. Check it out below.

Tell us a bit about your band. How did you form, how long have you been together, what kind of music do you play, etc.

Justin: For new readers stumbling along this interview and our project for the first time, we’re two dudes based out of NYC who create what we like to call retro pop. Fly By Midnight was formed really organically & effortlessly. Slavo & I were introduced through mutual friends after he moved to NY from Florida. We thought it would be cool to see what we could come up with in a writing room so the next week we met up at the studio I was working out of.

Slavo: We didn’t know it at the time, but that first session was really laying the groundwork for what would shortly after become Fly By Midnight.

J: We both really connected as artists, but more importantly as friends. As we began writing more together, the idea of starting the duo project felt like the perfect fit.

Without the help of a big team what has been the biggest struggle for you as DIY artists?

S: The toughest part honestly is coming up with our own blueprint and trusting in our own process. We’re not surrounded by people who have the “connections” to take this project to the next level. With that being said, it can be frustrating to put so much effort into an idea and not see it pan out the way we had intended. As far as the hustle and workload goes, we live for that aspect of the DIY artistry.

You have an impressive 200k+ subscribers on your YouTube channel. Any tips on how to grow your channel?

J: Consistent content. The days of going off the grid for months to work on music are history. For us it’s about releasing music & visuals as often as we possibly can.

S: For sure. I’d also say we’ve found success being ourselves on our channel. I think fans really connect to realness.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band, and what have you done to overcome it?

J: I would say one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced and still do face as an independent artist is having to take off the creative hat to make some business decisions sometimes. It’s difficult to have to pause the creative flow to figure out the boring stuff laughs

How did you hear about ReverbNation and our opportunities for artists?

J: ReverbNation was a platform we heard mid conversation at a music networking event in the city.

S: I remember us going home that night and signing up. Super easy to jump right into.

Any advice for new musicians just starting out? How do you get your name out there, find new fans, keep fans engaged, etc?

S: Patience and put as much time as you physically can into your project. We’re young guys, but in reality we’ve put almost 4 years of work into this duo to get to where we are now. We’ve still got a lot to learn and many, many more late nights ahead of us, but it pays off when you see your goals reached one after another.

What’s up next for Fly By Midnight?

J: A lot more music. I think fans of us will see that our new single “Just Say It” is a bit left of center than what we’ve released before. We want to keep giving the world something different.

S: I think a lot more feels to come in upcoming tracks too. Really playing with emotions on the next couple of releases. Also, we’ve been announced recently on the bill to play Firefly Festival which we’re stoked about!

J: And we’ll be announcing a college tour pretty soon. Love the energy of performing on campuses. Turns into a party every time.

Check out Fly By Midnight’s new single “Just Say It” out now!

RebeccaTrust In Your Own Process: Meet Fly By Midnight

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