5 Ways To Engage Fans On Social Media

When it comes to getting in front of your fans and making them feel valued, social media is the next best thing to face-to-face interactions. It’s your opportunity to connect with your fans in a way that is 100% real, raw, and candid. While that might seem scary at first, the reality is that the more vulnerability you show your fans, the more you’ll find they connect with you.

People just want to feel understood and they’re naturally attracted to those that express the same struggles, joys, and feelings they do—so the more you’re able to show that on your social media, the stronger the connection.

So how exactly do you go about that?

Be strong in your branding

The first thing you need to nail down is your branding. Oftentimes I see artists make the mistake of waiting for their fans to define them, rather than first defining themselves, getting clear on their niche, and trusting that will attract the right people. So first and foremost, get crystal clear on who you are. What is it you stand for? What do you like and dislike? What is your overall message? Think about (and research) other bands and brands to see what they’re doing. There are case studies all across the web on this, so take some time to really dive into what’s worked for others, and then use that template to customize it to your own music and message.

Blend your brand with pop culture and current events

A client of mine recently shared a pretty awesome post he had created, where he took advantage of the recent awards show and its winners by posting a funny photo from one of the movies, and tying it into his upcoming show. Now, it would have been way less brain power for him to just send out a standard “I’m playing this show! Come see me!” kind of invite, but instead he blended it with something current and well known so that people would instantly recognize, relate, and latch onto it. The result was a post that garnered far more engagement than his previous ones.

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Ask your fan’s opinions

If you want your fans to feel included, then include them! This means inviting them to share their thoughts and opinions on everything from what songs they might want to hear in your next set, to which merch design they like better, or what city you should tour next. By including them in the conversation you’re showing that you value their opinion.

Get personal

It can be a scary thing to open up on social media. To really let others in and show not only the good times but the struggles. And while your feed shouldn’t just be a constant sob story, every now and again it’s good to let people in to who you really are. Show them the silly, goofy you, or the serious, contemplative you. Your brand is you, so don’t be afraid to show that. Whoever you are, show that to your fans and trust that it will attract the right kind of people, and deepen your bond.

Talk to them

This last one might seem a little obvious, but don’t forget to actually talk to your fans. This means asking them questions, as well as replying to every comment or response they send you, and, if you can, keeping the conversation going.

If someone tells you how their music has made a difference in their life, it might be easier just to say “thanks!” and leave it at that, but the more you engage with them (IE: ask questions, go deeper) the more they’ll remember the interaction.

Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR. She’s also the owner of music blog Infectious Magazine, as well as a PR coach. She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog Sawyer.

Dave5 Ways To Engage Fans On Social Media


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  • KJSummerville - April 12, 2018 reply

    Very good advice. It’s not easy, but getting to know your audience and letting them know you is how it’s done now. Be yourself, but put forward the best YOU that you can.

  • Malenge Ngondo - April 12, 2018 reply

    Simple but very enlightening, a lot of these concepts artists take for granted these days but they do make all the difference

  • CASMÈ - April 12, 2018 reply

    Exactly dead on!

  • Kirk Spencer - April 12, 2018 reply

    This is what I’m talking about in my opinion this is good advice….
    I’m a independent artist who ain’t have that much money to push myself and my music on a every day basic…
    I get beats from other’s pay to record myself pay to mix and master
    Al my videos I do with a tablet then pay to get them edit and fix properly for the world…
    I write my own song’s I’m a reggae and dancehall recording artist
    With a inborn concept it hurt so much to know the older I get I’m still on my journey in my career.
    Until I have to take my own self in my own hand to do the little I can but it have me creeping with out money’s a cannot move as fast as I need to….
    Communicating with our fan’s it’s great that’s what lots of artist is a lock of
    You got to be loving to your fan’s be open the only thing your fan’s not to know about their artist is when he are she having sex that’s private…
    But other wise from that let them inn your life let they feel welcome because it’s them who will by your bran so you can survive
    It’s like having a shop treating your costumers good for them to come back buying…
    full stop

  • Rosalba Hammerschmidt - July 29, 2021 reply

    I like your blog. Its one of the awesome blogs online

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