6 Can’t-Miss European Tour Destinations

If you’re an American musician considering crossing the pond to tour Europe, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Touring can be massively challenging even under the best of circumstances, and figuring it out in other countries makes things even harder. But when you consider that some of the world’s best music destinations are in Europe, it’s easy to see that making the trek is well worth the hassle. Here are six can’t-miss music European tour destinations:


This Swedish city might not come up when you think about great European music cities, but it should. Through the music tech companies that are born there and the electronic musicians who call the city home, Stockholm is changing music. No matter what genre of music your band plays, Stockholm has got a venue and audience for you.


In addition to hosting some of the best rock and pop talent in the world, the city of Amsterdam also prides itself to being a home for jazz and classical genres. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, a symphonic orchestra based in the city, is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world. So if you’ve got that orchestral pop sound going on and need some professional string and horn players to fill in throughout your European tour, Amsterdam’s got you covered.


With incredible music venues scattered around the city, Barcelona is a city you won’t want to miss playing on a European tour. Barcelona’s local scene is primarily comprised of hardworking singer/songwriter veterans, but it hosts an incredible amount of music nightly ranging from classical and opera to jazz, rock, rumba, flamenco, latin, hip hop, and electronic artists.

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Most musicians know that Prague is heaven for classical musicians and fans of the genre, but there’s much more going on there than just that. The city that launched great composers like Dvořák also happens to be one of the best places in the world for live music. With venues ranging from intimate piano bars to massive concert halls boasting state-of-the-art sound systems, Prague loves music and it might just be into your band.


Berlin is a home to one of the best music scenes on the planet. Hundreds of small underground bars host music from every genre you can think of on a nightly basis in this city, which means no matter what your band sounds like, you’ll have at least a couple of options of places to play. The party atmosphere, booze, and hipness associated with Berlin’s live music scene mirrors that of New York City’s, so if you love playing the big apple, you’ll love playing there.


From ancient amphitheaters to tiny 20-person venues, Verona’s got it all. Like Prague, this is a city deeply rooted in classical music that is now a home to rock, jazz, alternative, and electronic genres. This Italian city is home to the classical musicians scene you’d expect as well as progressive musical artists working across a variety of genres. Verona’s love of music dates back hundreds of years which makes it one of the best places to play in Europe.

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Rebecca6 Can’t-Miss European Tour Destinations


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  • Madalin Stunt Cars 2 - July 10, 2018 reply

    No matter what genre of music your band plays, Stockholm has got a venue and audience for you.

    Kama Linden - January 2, 2020 reply

    I will surely add to my list, thank you.
    Any venue suggestions for a singer-songwriter acoustic solo artist?

  • James Carbonaro - July 12, 2018 reply

    Thought about playing the UK & Ireland. If you’re playing primarily instrumental music, I suppose these other places could be a viable option. But if your compositions rely rather heavily on the lyrics, I can’t imagine that you’d have much success in a city where the majority of your potential audience doesn’t speak English.

    Ronny - August 10, 2018 reply

    Most folks speak fluent English across Europe and appreciate American artists

  • Tyson - August 4, 2018 reply

    Thank you for this posting.

  • Kama Linden - January 2, 2020 reply

    I’ve played in Prague and Amsterdam. I have visited Barcelona, but only as a tourist.

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