Why Live Shows Are More Important Than Ever

Much of what goes on in the music industry now happens over computer and smartphone screens. From bands submitting their music to blogs and playlists to listeners streaming songs, like many other aspects of modern life, music is now mostly being heard and talked about online. But if you’re a musician hoping to make an impact with your music, don’t count out the physical world just yet.

Most people now spend an incredible amount of time on the internet each day. With the world relying on screens to help us work, communicate, find love, keep up with friends and family, shop, read the news, and play games more and more, there’s a huge opportunity emerging for those working in any creative medium for in-person experiences. For musicians, this means performing live.

While some musicians love getting up on stage, others prefer sticking to the studio and sharing their work online and on their own terms. But while our modern digital world seems to favor more introverted musicians who prefer not to tour, artists miss out on a big opportunity to connect with audiences and make a lasting impact when they don’t take their music to the stage.

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Listening to music on a laptop or even streaming a concert live is nothing like experiencing a concert in person. Musicians have the chance to give audiences something truly special––unique and compelling performances. They’ve always had this chance, of course, but in a time where the ears and eyes of so many people are glued to screens much of each day, live musical performances are more needed and important than ever.

With the convenience of sharing music on the internet, plenty of bands are now opting to stay off the road, and for anyone who has ever toured, it’s easy to see why. Touring is hard and often thankless work, even for successful artists. For many musicians, tour consists of long hours spent sitting in vans, planes, and green rooms punctuated by short sets on stage. Bad food, bad sleep and bad habits abound, and for unestablished artists who spend time on the road in hopes of finding audiences for their music, empty rooms and little to no compensation for performances is common.

Putting on a great live show is a solid way to engage people by giving them a memorable, in-person experience.

But all bands, even ones who don’t prefer touring, miss out when they don’t give audiences a chance to see them perform live. A jaw-dropping amount of new music is being released each day, and whether an artist’s work is ultimately remembered or not greatly depends on how they present it to the world. Putting on a great live show is a solid way to engage people by giving them a memorable, in-person experience. Because there’s now so much music to go around, many people believe the real future of music is in experiences rather than on screens and streaming platforms. No one can say for sure what’s next for music, but artists making music now have a huge opportunity to find momentum and an audience by performing live.

Patrick McGuire is a writer, musician, and human man. He lives nowhere in particular, creates music under the name Straight White Teeth, and has a great affinity for dogs and putting his hands in his pockets.

RebeccaWhy Live Shows Are More Important Than Ever


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  • Vick Murray - September 6, 2018 reply

    Yes, I can see how performing live is very important! But, as a Writer / Lyricist who does not sing or perform my own tunes, I seem to be working with artists and running into many more who do not see the value in this particular point? I seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty finding the right team?

  • Mike - September 9, 2018 reply

    That this needs to be said shows just how sad things are for musicians, and for society as a whole.
    The internet should be a supplement to a real life, not a substitute for one.
    People…Get out from behind your computer screens and go see a live show. And when you go, don’t watch it through your phone while you’re recording it. Put the phone away and just enjoy the live experience.

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