How To Get The Most Out Of Streaming Analytic Tools

There’s plenty of doom and gloom when it comes to songwriters struggling in today’s rapidly evolving music industry, but it’s not all bad news. One especially bright spot is the free analytic tools many streaming platforms are now giving to artists. Information that labels, managers, and artists used to have to pay good money for is now being given away for free. Here’s a few ways to get the most out of these streaming analytic tools:

Route tours around cities that are listening to your music the most

For many unestablished bands, touring is a shot in the dark. Book enough shows around the country and a band’s music is bound to catch on in a few cities. But with listeners flocking en masse to major streaming platforms for their music consumption, artists don’t have to guess what countries, cities, and, in some cases, boroughs are listening to their music the most. For smaller bands, this is a massive advantage that can help them save time, money, and stress during the booking process. Venues want every assurance they can get that the bands they book will be able to draw people, and if you’ve got analytic tools showing you that your music is doing well in a city you’re trying to play in, this could be a big help.

In many ways, this free analytic information is replacing the services expensive radio campaigns used to provide. And while radio campaigns are still a great investment for many bands, others that go it alone will get a huge advantage out of this location feature.

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Use analytic tools to get a better understanding of your fans

Some streaming analytic information is so detailed that it can tell you the average age and gender of your listeners. This information isn’t helpful in telling a band what sort of music they should write––no information can or should do that––but rather in giving them a better idea of who exactly their audience is. You might think your music appeals to teenagers but will be surprised to find twenty and thirty-somethings resonate with your music the most. Getting a good idea of what genders and age groups like your music the most, you can adjust your promotion efforts accordingly.

Find out which of your songs perform the best and why

Keeping a close eye on your songs’ play counts can only give you a fraction of the information thorough analytic reports can give you. From detailed listener graphs and charts to lists reflecting what playlists have picked up your songs, streaming analytic tech now lets artists gauge the performance of their music almost in real time.

How is it helpful? Artists can use this technology to learn what works and what doesn’t in their promotion efforts to boost chances of their releases being successful in the future. It can also give them a more detailed picture of how and why their songs find an audience or fall flat.

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TylerHow To Get The Most Out Of Streaming Analytic Tools

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