Creative Band Costumes To Rock This Halloween

Is there a better time of year than Fall? Depending on where you live the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and you get to visit all kinds of spooky haunts. It’s the best! Not to mention, if you’re in a band, you get to live out your childhood every year as you dress up in full costume for any and all shows around October 31st.

One of my favorite things to see, as a fan, is all the incredibly creative, elaborate costumes that bands put together in celebration of the big day. If you’re feeling stuck, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget the candy!

Movie/TV theme

This is kind of an obvious go-to when you’re brainstorming group costume ideas, but for good reason! The possibilities are only limited by how many of you have seen (and liked) the same shows and movies, which is to say, there’s a whole lot of possibilities!

A Clockwork Orange

Look, only one of you can be Alex, but he had plenty of Droogs that the rest of you can dress up as. It’s a weird costume to be sure, but as long as you have some white tops/pants, suspenders, a bowler hat, a cane, maybe a codpiece if you’re really going all out, and some wicked eye makeup, you should be good.


Honestly, there aren’t a lot of opportunities I wouldn’t take to dress up as Sandy in Grease—either version. Grab your leather jackets, poodle skirts, tight pants and off the shoulder tops, and get rocking. Also, please sing a cover of Summer Nights and You’re the One That I Want at your show, because that would be perfect.


You might have to actually buy a premade costume for this, (although there are plenty of DIY hacks out there) but it’s still a classic, and of course, perfectly themed with the holiday.


If you have a sparkly leotard and the desire to do your hair up in the style of the 80s, this could be the perfect costume for you.

Addams Family

Another perfect full band collaboration costume, the Addams Family theme is a great opportunity to get in touch with your spooky self. Buy a pre-made costume from your local store, or dig into your closet to see what kind of long black gowns you have hanging around. With the right makeup and demeanor, you can totally pull this off.

Handmaids Tale

Is it dark? Sure. But it also makes an incredible statement and it’s a nearly foolproof costume to put together.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Now you can take your live action experience out of the theater and onto the streets.

The Breakfast Club

Come on. It’s a classic for a reason.


Your favorite food group

Milkshake? Sushi? Fruit? Take your favorite food and run with it.

The milkshake is one of my favorites because it’s as simple as wearing a corresponding color (white for vanilla, brown for chocolate, pink for strawberry) and then adding a whipped cream hat, which you can easily DIY with a little Googling. But I’ve also seen some creative ones for sushi, pizza, fruit, hot dog and condiments, and even coconut water. There’s not a food out there you can’t make into a costume.

A box of crayons

I mean, why not?

Playing Cards

Grab a white t-shirt, black pants or skirt, and some markers, and you’re on your way to creating a mini-deck of playing cards. Will you be the King? The Queen? The Joker? Perhaps the 9 of Hearts?

Stick Figure Family

You know those ridiculous stick figure families you see on minivans and cars (but mostly minivans) across the country? Now you can bring those to life with an all black outfit and some white tape!


Another great costume that can be put together with black outfits and a little bit of white tape. Who knew there would be more than one option with those two items?


With a little bit of yellow paper and some creativity, you can create your own emojis to wear while you play. Or, cut out eye holes and wear them!


Ever want to live out the same dreams that your Lego people get to every time you play with them? Bring those stories to life with a couple old shoeboxes for the giant Legos, and poster board/markers to create Lego Heads. It’s nostalgic and a little creepy, but mostly just awesome.

A Game

There are a lot of possibilities here, so go with your gut, but if we’re spit balling I’d suggest Rock/Paper/Scissors, Monopoly pieces, Pictionary (pencil, paper, final drawing=perfect trio costume), Dungeons and Dragons, or even the different aspects of Cranium.

Your childhood dreams

You might have to explain this one to the audience for them to fully get it, but there’s also the highly personal option of each person dressing up as the thing they most wanted to be when they grew up. Marine biologist? Parent? Rainbow? Box of Cheerios? You can be whatever you want to be. At least for tonight.

Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR. She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog Sawyer.


DaveCreative Band Costumes To Rock This Halloween

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