Ableton Live Tips And Tricks: Part 4

Ableton Live has become one of the most powerful Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) on the market today. Although it was designed primarily for live performance, it’s become a studio favorite. Originally built for DJs and electronic musicians, it still has enough audio capabilities to compete with other big-name DAWs. We’ve launched a new video series teaching basic Ableton Live tips and tricks so you can get started in Ableton Live today.

In part four of our Ableton Tips series, we’re covering how to edit multiple MIDI clips and covering useful key commands. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of this series and feel free to share some of your own tips and tricks.

Watch Part 1 here where you can learn about setting up audio effect racks and track automation.

Watch Part 2 here where you can learn how to add arrangement markers, how to save a template, and how to create groups within groups.

Watch Part 3 here where you can learn how to adjust the buffer size, how to use Ableton 10’s new capture feature, and how to use key commands to help with your arrangement.


RebeccaAbleton Live Tips And Tricks: Part 4

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  • Heather S - October 30, 2018 reply

    Interesting how a live performance software has become so popular in studio recording. I was actually looking for some more beginner oriented content to compare our client’s article about equipment for a DIY recording studio. What do you think about the equipment here?

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