5 Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence In This Competitive Industry

As musicians, you have the gift of sensitivity which fuels your creativity and enables you to transmit powerful emotions. It can also make you more vulnerable to setbacks and criticism. These are completely unavoidable and an integral part of the journey. Indeed, few industries are as competitive and unstable as music. So how can you overcome self-doubts and feelings of insecurity in the face of challenges?

Confidence is a very necessary skill to have if you want to succeed in this industry, but it’s a skill that you can learn and develop.

Here are a few ways you can increase your self-confidence so you can get out of your comfort zone, approach people you want to work with, and avoid feeling sick to your stomach before you have to step on stage.

Dave5 Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence In This Competitive Industry
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3 Creative Ways To Spread Out An Album Release

While playlists and music streaming habits are transforming the music industry in some massive ways, releasing music through albums is still the best way to get attention from traditional radio, blog, and press outlets. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that the attention span of listeners has been dramatically shortened over the past couple of years by things like convenience borne through streaming platforms, music’s newfound affordability, and the jaw-dropping amount of new music that’s now being put out into the world every day.

When it comes to carving out an identity and generating momentum, albums are your best bet, but taking the time to write, produce, record, and promote them doesn’t bode well for audiences who now expect new music more often from their favorite artists. Here are three ways to creatively spread out the release of your album.

Rebecca3 Creative Ways To Spread Out An Album Release
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How To Take Stock Of 2018 And Make The Most Of 2019

There’s something truly special about the opportunity to assess all that you’ve accomplished in the previous year and plan for a brighter tomorrow. Maybe it’s the planner nerd in me, but there’s just something truly illuminating about the chance to start fresh, give those dreams new life, and build upon the momentum you’ve already created.

To get started, ask yourself these questions, and really take the time to reflect. I suggest going into this with pen and paper and writing down your answers. Not only will it help you articulate your thoughts, but it will give you something to reflect back on.

DaveHow To Take Stock Of 2018 And Make The Most Of 2019
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Why Vulnerability Is Vital For Songwriters

Vulnerability is something some musicians might associate with the more nauseating and navel-gazing aspects of pop music. Hackneyed ballads featuring tales of unrequited love or angsty music compensating for a lack of depth with extreme emotion and themes come to mind. But the truth is that there’s a big difference between broadcasting emotion in music from approaching it with real vulnerability. Emotion comes naturally to most of us, but vulnerability ends up being a whole lot trickier.

MikeWhy Vulnerability Is Vital For Songwriters
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How Loss And Adversity Impacts Music

Musicians aren’t any different than non-musical people in the way that they typically try to avoid experiencing pain and loss. But where songwriters and all other artists differ from the rest of the world is in the way they’re often charged with converting painful personal experiences into work that moves and relates to people.

RebeccaHow Loss And Adversity Impacts Music
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5 New Year’s Goals To Set For Yourself In 2019

With the start of a New Year comes endless possibilities for change, progression, and enormous growth. New Year, New You, right?

But when it comes time to put those thoughts into action, it can feel a little overwhelming, to the point it leaves you wondering—where do I start? I’m glad you asked.

Mike5 New Year’s Goals To Set For Yourself In 2019
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