4 Tips For Discovering New Fans Through Blogging

Think about the last time you felt really connected to an artist. The last time you felt like somehow, they really understood you. The last time you had that overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort and maybe even a little excitement because in that moment you just felt connected in a way that can oftentimes be so hard to truly find.

No matter what that moment was—a vulnerable social media post, a captivating live performance, a piece of merch or even a funny photo that just resonated with you—the one thing that each instance has in common is that connection.

While we rely on so many avenues to foster this connection for our own fans, including our social media, our live shows, the merch we create, the partnerships we forge, and so much more, there’s one piece that very often gets left out and truthfully, forgotten about.


While blogging might seem like a thing of the past, the truth is that it’s still one of the most powerful ways to connect with new fans. Using your words, and having that space to truly dive into your stories and beliefs in a way that a quick social media post isn’t meant for, is powerful.

While we know that everyone isn’t a natural writer, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use blogging as a way to find new fans, and continue to cultivate that connection with existing ones. Storytelling can be learned—the most important thing is being willing to explore it and get a little vulnerable.

Tell your story

Your blog is a prime place to tell your story—and that can mean a lot of different things depending on who you are, where you are in your career, and the experiences you’ve had throughout your life.

Getting vulnerable can oftentimes be difficult, but trust me when I say that vulnerability is oftentimes what connects us the most. Think of the most fulfilling or rewarding conversations you’ve had with your best friends, or the moments that made those friendships to begin with. So often it’s the trials we face that bring us closer. It’s knowing that there’s someone else out there (someone we like!) that feels the same things we feel, that’s going through or has gone through those same struggles, and who can relate to us. It makes us feel less alone.

So yes, it might be a little scary to open up at first, but trust that when you do, you also open yourself up to an entirely new level of connection.

Use it as extra content

One of the cool things about blogging is that all of a sudden you have this new, extra content to spread out across your socials, share to your newsletter, and offer exclusive content and opportunities through.

While it can and should be a place to tell your story, it can also be a place to run contests that only followers to your blog or subscribers to your newsletter will get to see, or it can be a place to share your other interests and passions, and connect to your audience through that.

Find your expertise

In addition to telling your own stories, lessons, and memories, there’s also the opportunity to find what you’re good at and communicate that through your blogs as well as look for outside opportunities to share that (more on that in a minute).

Now before you go getting all modest on me, all of us are experts at something! If you aren’t sure what your area is, ask a couple friends what you’re good at—this can be something tangible (Facebook Ads) or less tangible (relationship building). This will come in handy as you start looking for opportunities to expand that reach.

…Then look for guest blogging opportunities

Once you have the hang of blogging on your own platform and start to get a feel for your voice, and what it is you want to tell the world, you can start looking for opportunities outside your network to tell that story.

Many music blogs do guest blogs, and as a publicist, I’m constantly looking for these opportunities for our artists to tell their stories. There’s just something so powerful about an artist telling their own story in their own words, and of course, being a guest on these blogs means you’re opening yourself up to an entirely new audience that you likely wouldn’t have had access to.

Don’t stop at music blogs though—think about some of your greatest passions and hobbies and look for guest blog opportunities on those sites. For instance, if you and your band are passionate about skateboarding, and incorporate it into a lot of your videos, photos, etc, approach a few skateboard-centric blogs and pitch a few topics that you think might be of interest. (Remember: pitching topics is important. You want them to be able to visualize what you’re offering, not leave it to them to come up with an idea).

Guest blogging is a great way to get in front of new people, and as a bonus, you’re already being put in front of people who love the same things you do, which means you’re a lot more likely to capture their attention and, you guessed it, have them seek out your music, your message, and everything else you have to offer.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR.She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog Sawyer.

Tyler4 Tips For Discovering New Fans Through Blogging


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  • Steven Roberts - June 21, 2019 reply

    great article thank you

    Angela Mastrogiacomo - August 4, 2019 reply

    Glad it helped!

  • James Campagnola - June 21, 2019 reply

    Thanks for the thoughts but I was looking for some specific information. Where do you blog? “Blogging” is really just typing. Where do you put your words? A page on your own website? Or do you use other platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc. How about my page on SoundCloud? Seems like that’s a good place to blog. Any thoughts?

    Angela Mastrogiacomo - August 4, 2019 reply

    Hey James! You would blog via your own website (hosted usually on WordPress, SquareSpace, Tumblr, places like that) or guest blog for existing sites.

  • Sara - June 21, 2019 reply

    I wish there was more info about how to find guest blogging opportunities.

    Angela Mastrogiacomo - August 4, 2019 reply

    Thanks for your feedback, Sara! My suggestion would be

    #1) you’d find them on regular music sites, like the kind you’re already pitching (most will take guest blogs from artists, which is great for them since it takes them less time than say, crafting a review, and great for you because it allows you the opportunity and shows your personality, which is always a win with your existing and future fans) as well as

    2) Get super clear on your brand and then approach those niche sites. So for instance, if a big part of your brand was eating healthy and staying fit, you could also approach niche blogs in that area for opportunities.

    Just remember to always send them 3-5 ideas for guest blogs, rather than leaving it up to them to figure out what you should write about.

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